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Intellect is exhibiting at the 4S 2021 virtual conference

4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) 2021 is occurring 6-9th of October 2021 and more information about the conference can be found here.

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Spotlight journals

Journal of Science & Popular Culture

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Science permeates contemporary culture at multiple levels, from the technology in our daily lives to our dreams of other worlds in fiction. The Journal of Science & Popular Culture is a peer-reviewed academic publication that seeks to explore the complex and evolving connections between science and global society.

Journal of Global Diaspora & Media

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A peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform to theorize the complexities of the notion of diaspora and investigate the representations of diaspora people in the diasporic media and mainstream media from an interdisciplinary approach.

Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research

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Technoetic Arts focuses upon the juncture between art, technology and the mind, drawing from academic research and often unorthodox approaches. 

New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film

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Provides a peer-reviewed platform for scholarship that broadens and elaborates our knowledge of late-twentieth century and contemporary cinematic theory and practice.

Spotlight titles

Writing Belonging at the Millenium

By Emily Potter

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Writing Belonging at the Millennium brings together two pressing and interrelated matters: the global environmental impacts of post-industrial economies and the politics of place in settler-colonial societies.

Discounted price: £21.00

Drawing as a Way of Knowing in Art and Science

By Gemma Anderson

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Introduces tested ways in which drawing as a research practice can enhance morphological insight, specifically within the natural sciences, mathematics and art.

Discounted price: £22.40

Storytellers of Art Histories

By Yasmeen Siddiqui and Alpesh Kantilal Patel

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A collection of first-person narratives from an international group of art historians, curators, artists and archivists.

Discounted price: £20.65

Design and the Digital Humanities

By Milena Radzikowska and Stan Ruecker

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This guide prepares readers for working together, outlining disciplinary perspectives, lessons learned, and practical exercises.

Discounted price: £24.50

Shiny Things

By Leonard Diepeveen and Timothy van Laar

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Discusses meanings of shininess in art and in culture generally. Shininess is physically and metaphorically present in the construction of concepts such as utopia, the sublime, and camp; and the way its affects, rooted in excess produce irony, anxiety, pleasure and kitsch.

Discounted price: £15.40

Fan Phenomena: Supernatural

Edited by Lynn Zubernis and Katherine Larsen

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Explores the ongoing fascination and passion for a show that developed a relationship with fans through eight seasons and continues to have an impact on fan culture to the present day.

Discounted price: £15.40

Fan Phenomena: Batman

Edited by Liam Burke

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Explores the worldwide devotion to the Dark Knight, from his inauspicious beginnings on the comic book page to the cult television series of the 1960s and the critically acclaimed films and video games of today.

Discounted price: £15.40

Fan Phenomena: Star Trek

Edited by Bruce E. Drushel

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A panel of rising and established popular culture scholars examines the phenomenon of Star Trek fan culture and its most compelling dimensions.

Discounted price: £15.40

Fan Phenomena: Star Wars

Edited by Mika Elovaara

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Explores numerous aspects of Star Wars fandom, from its characters to its philosophy. Academically informed but written for a general audience, this book will appeal to every fan and critic of the films.

Discounted price: £15.40

Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter

Edited by Valerie Estelle Frankel

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Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter is a journey – yes, a magical one – through one of the largest fanbases of all time and its efforts to ensure that The Boy Who Lived would live forever.

Discounted price: £15.40

New Cinemas provides a peer-reviewed platform for scholarship that broadens and elaborates our knowledge of late-twentieth century and contemporary cinematic theory and practice. Welcoming approaches that do not take existing conceptual paradigms and canons as given, it anticipates submissions that refresh our understanding of established bodies of work as well as those which tackle practices still in the process of development.