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Intellect is exhibiting at the AAH 2022 Virtual Conference

AAH 2022 is occurring 6-8 April 2022 and more information about the conference can be found here.

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Spotlight titles


Global Conversations in Art Education

This new edited collection explores histories of art education in international contexts. Offers a series of thoughtful and invigorating conversations with international scholars who evoke our conceptualizations of the histories of art education in pursuit of more equitable, diverse and inclusive understandings of the field. 35 col. illus.

Reimagining the Medium

Highly readable new book explores the re-emergence of the medium of painting with unprecedented force during the 1980s, despite suggestions that it was either dead or no longer relevant. Presents a wide variety of well known painters, discussing thematic similarities as well as unique and individualized practices. 120 colour illus.

The Art of teamLab

A comprehensive overview of the vision and achievements of Tokyo-based digital art collective teamLab, which illuminates the remarkable scope of teamLab’s groundbreaking art and its fundamental contribution to the pivotal field of new media art. The lavishly illustrated volume features an extensive interview with the artist. 207 col. plates.

Theories and Tactics in Architecture and Design

Original collection explores the relationship between research that shapes art, architecture and design practices, and assignments that are developed by faculty for students. Demonstrates how pedagogical inquiry can become an evolutionary agent and makes innovative ideas/exercises available for the first time outside studio courses. 66 b/w illus.

Artists, Money and Entrepreneurial Action

A new collection of connected essays and case studies that delve deeply into the relationships between art, innovation, entrepreneurship and money. Arts entrepreneurship is a growing field, and this book is ideal for arts administrators and policy analysts as well as for artists who participate in professional development programmes. 5 illus.   A Conversation with Provost Linda Essig on Arts Entrepreneurship

Photography in Alter Space
By Eric Lesdema Series edited by Alfredo Cramerotti

An extended edit of Eric Lesdema’s photographic series of the same name, with 83 colour photographs and essays from leading academics which analyse how his work provides an alternative approach to documentary photography. Twenty-first-century interpretations and applications of photography are questioned, as are warfare and its cultural framework.

Reflective Surfaces and Their Mixed Meanings

Discusses meanings of shininess in art and in culture generally. Shininess is physically and metaphorically present in the construction of concepts such as utopia, the sublime, and camp; and the way its affects, rooted in excess produce irony, anxiety, pleasure and kitsch. A compelling subject that instantly attracts and fascinates. 54 b/w illus.

Twelve Conversations from Chinese Art World During the Pandemic
Edited by JIANG Jiehong

Based on a series of conversations, convened by Jiang Jiehong, director of the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham City University. Individuals from a range of disciplines including anthropology, architecture, art, curating, fashion, film, literature, music and photography reflect on experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 30 b/w illus.

A collection of first-person narratives from an international group of art historians, curators, artists and archivists. Fills a significant gap in the literature by demonstrating how these practitioners’ work comes together to teach and write art history, and the relationship between curatorial studies and art history. 5 b/w illus.

Iconic design leaders reflect on current affairs and share their visions for the future. Includes Carole Bilson, Karim Rashid, Bruce Mau, Steven Heller and Don Norman. Foreword by the president of the World Design Organization, Srini Srinisavan. Conclusion by design philosopher, Ken Friedman. 12 b/w illus.   Gjoko Muratovski interview with The Design Research Society (DRS) Interview with Carole Bilson