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Aaron Sigauke

Aaron’s research interests are in the areas of civics and citizenship education with a focus on issues such as young people, citizenship education and social justice; education policy, social and educational inclusion; and adult literacy programmes, especially with regard to the Zimbabwean situation on these issues. Much of his work focuses on how citizenship and citizenship education can be used to understand the political, social, economic and other issues in the environment in which he has carried out his research, and also how citizenship and citizenship education can be used to empower young people and the disadvantaged in society. Aaron has published articles in a number of international journals and has contributed to book chapters on these issues. He has been affiliated to and participated in a number of organizations and conferences on civics and citizenship education in the United Kingdom and Australia. Aaron has taught and coordinated programmes to do with civics and citizenship education at a number of higher institutions of education and has participated in various research projects over the years. He has also served as a reviewer of international and local academic journals.

Contact: School of Education, University of New England (UNE), Office 12, Milton Building, Armidale, New South Wales 2351, Australia.

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Citizenship Teaching & Learning
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