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Intellect is an independent academic publisher in the arts and humanities, publishing scholarly books and journals that exemplify our mission as publishers of original thinking. We aim to provide a vital space for widening critical debate in new and emerging subjects, and in this way we differ from other publishers by campaigning for the author rather than producing a book or journal to fill a gap in the market.

We are best known for our work in the visual arts, film studies, cultural studies, communication studies, media studies, fashion and performing arts. These categories host Intellect’s ever-expanding topics of enquiry, which include photography, drawing, curation, community music, gaming and scenography. Intellect titles are often multidisciplinary, presenting scholarly work at the cross section of arts, media and creative practice.

Intellect seeks to offer an unbiased platform for quality critical debate. We are committed to representing the author’s voice authentically, without imposition of our personal ideas or opinions. We place great emphasis on serving our authors and editors, customers, and communities. As a mission-based publisher, we are committed to reinvesting in our publishing activities.

We have a robust international distribution arrangement, including partners such as the University of Chicago Press, Turpin Distribution and Footprint.

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Clothing Goes to War
By Nan Turner
  • Currently not availablePaperbackGBP 30.00
  • Currently not availableEPUBGBP 24.00
  • Currently not availablePDFGBP 24.00
Crossing Gender Boundaries
Edited by Andrew Reilly and Ben Barry
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 37.50
  • AvailableHardbackGBP 80.00
  • Currently not availablePDF
The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran
Author Azadeh Fatehrad
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 34.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 27.00
  • AvailablePDFGBP 27.00
African Luxury
Edited by Mehita Iqani and Simidele Dosekun
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 25.00
  • AvailableHardbackGBP 70.00
Planet Cosplay
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 37.00
  • AvailableHardbackGBP 72.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 57.60
  • AvailablePDFGBP 57.60
L.A. Chic
By Susan Ingram and Markus Reisenleitner Series edited by Susan Ingram
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 34.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 27.20
  • AvailablePDFGBP 27.20
Street Fashion Moscow
  • AvailableHardbackGBP 60.00
  • AvailablePDFGBP 48.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 48.00
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 28.50
  • AvailablePDFGBP 31.80
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 31.80
Montréal Chic
  • AvailableHardbackGBP 60.00
  • AvailablePDFGBP 48.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 48.00
Fashion Cities Africa
Edited by Hannah Azieb Pool
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 20.00
Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 26.50
  • AvailablePDFGBP 19.00
Fashion & War in Popular Culture
Edited by Denise N Rall
  • AvailablePaperbackGBP 17.00
  • AvailablePDFGBP 12.00
  • AvailableEPUBGBP 12.00