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Annika Waern

Dr. Annika Waern (Docent 2007, Ph.D. 1996) is currently employed as research leader at Mobile Life, Stockholm University. Annika primarily pursues research in the area of pervasive games; games that are played in the real world rather than on the screen of computers and mobiles. Working with a design-oriented approach, she has contributed to the theory, design, production, evaluation and analysis of technology-supported pervasive games. During 2004–08, she coordinated the international IPerG, Integrated project on pervasive games, and is one of the authors of the book Pervasive Games: Theory and Design. Annika has an extensive background as an industry-oriented researcher from the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Interactive Institute, and has headed several research projects both on a national and international scale. She frequently lectures on pervasive games and game analysis.

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