Applied Theatre Research 7.1 is now available
Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Applied Theatre Research 7.1 is now available

Intellect is excited to announce that Applied Theatre Research 7.1 is now available!


Special Issue: 'The tyrannies of distance'


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Aims & Scope


Applied Theatre Research profiles contemporary, innovative, unorthodox and radical practice of drama and theatre. Topics explored in this global, peer-reviewed journal include theatre in political debate, social action and dissent; theatre for development; youth theatre; theatre in schools and educational settings; theatre in therapeutic settings; theatre in prisons; theatre in health education and awareness; theatre in human services, such as aged care and hospitals; and theatre in business, commerce and conferences.


Issue 7.1




The tyranny of distance

Michael Balfour And Richard Sallis 




Notes from an autumn gardener: Reflections on applied theatre and bridging distance 

Jan Cohen-Cruz


Principles of embodied pedagogy: The role of the drama educator in transforming student understanding through a collaborative and embodied aesthetic practice 

Jane Bird and Christine Sinclair


The promise and agony of migration: Formation of identity across memory as a voyage and distance as exile 

Wasim Al-Kurdi


The Dury’s Out: Participatory drama and applied theatre processes as ways of addressing radicalized thinking – a pilot study 

Megan Upton and Michele Grossman


The tyranny of emotional distance?: Emotion/al work and emotional labour in applied theatre projects 

Natalie Lazaroo And Izzaty Ishak


Investigating the role of drama in two enabling courses in Australia 

Carol Carter and Richard Sallis


When tragedy embraces the farce: Adaption of Gogol’s The Government Inspector in different cultures 

Wendy Lathrop Meyer


Working in multiple figured worlds and positionings to reinvestigate the science behind a national tragedy 

Carrie Swanson


Grappling with distance: Making theatre across continents, cultures, languages and race

Lucy Winner 




Applied Theatre with Looked-After Children: Dramatising Social Care, Claire MacNeill (2018) Maggie Inchley


Applied Theatre: Economies, Molly Mullen (ed.) (2018) Sarah Bartley


Web of Performance: An Ensemble Workbook, Monica Prendergast and Will Weigler (eds) (2018) Kate Massey-Chase