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Global Hip Hop Studies (GHHS) is a Diamond Open Access, peer-reviewed, rigorous and community-responsive academic journal that publishes research on contemporary as well as historical issues and debates surrounding hip hop music and culture around the world, twice annually. GHHS is Open Access through a Subscribe to Open (S2O) model and does not charge APCs or submission fees. Articles are published under a Creative Commons licence which allows users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles. Facebook: Global Hip Hop StudiesTwitter: @GHHSJournal GHHS is supported by the European Research Council and University College Cork, Ireland. For more information or to access the journal visit the Discover platform here.

The Politics and Poetics of Knowledge Production

Explores multiple aspects of hip-hop archives in a global context, including methods of accumulation, curation, preservation, and digitization. This collection critically analyzes institutional power, geopolitical influences and the ideological implications associated with hip-hop culture’s tensions with dominant social values. 16 b/w illus.

Tribal Streetwear is a lifestyle streetwear brand that is inspired by a variety of southern California sub-cultures that includes graffiti, street art, skateboarding, surfing, tattoos, hip hop, breakdancing, punk, low-riders, and custom culture. This edited volume uses Tribal as a lens for examining the history of streetwear. 40 col. illus.

Graffiti and Street Art in the Instagram Era

Instafame charts the impact of Instagram – one of the world's most popular social media platforms – on visual culture in the decade following its launch. It traces the connections between graffiti, street art and Instagram, arguing that social media's battle for a viewer's attention is closely aligned with eye-catching unsanctioned public art. 

Graffiti, Politics and the Reimagined City in Philadelphia

The Art of Defiance is an ethnographic portrait of how graffiti writers see their city and, in turn, how their city sees them. It explores how becoming a graffiti writer helps disenfranchised urban citizens negotiate their cultural identities, build their social capital and gain a voice within an urban environment that would prefer they remain quiet, passive and anonymous.   In order to both demystify and complicate our understanding of the practice of graffiti writing, this book pushes past the narrative that links the origins of graffiti to criminal gangs and instead offers a detailed portrait of graffiti as a rich urban culture with its own rules and practices. To do so, it examines the cultural history of graffiti in Philadelphia from the early 1970s onward and explores what it is like to be a graffiti writer in the city today. Ultimately, Tyson Mitman aims to humanize graffiti writers and to show that what they do is not merely destructive or puerile, but, rather, adds something important to the urban experience that is a conscious and deliberate act on the part of its practitioners.

Music, Migration and the City at Night

This edited volume demonstrates and interprets contemporary migrant musics as sonic signatures constitutive of the city at night. The distinct contribution is the articulation of migrancy and emplacement practices to the scholarship on urban musicology and the burgeoning field of night studies. 49 b/w illus.   A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.   Online book launch - June 9th. Details here

Perspectives from the Field

Edited collection including contributions from scholars and popular music educators in response to the question “what are the place and purpose of popular music education?” The book aims to broaden and diversify the conversation and community around popular music education globally. 7 b&w illus.

Dub and the Creation of Culture

Distillation of Sound traces the beginnings of dub music in Jamaica and how the culture is distilled throughout the world. It focuses on the analysis of some of the most famous full-length albums of dub music and how the engineers, producers, and musicians created a new sound that changed the way that people heard music. 15 b/w illus.   In Conversation with Eric Abbey

The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the Music Industries

This edited collection examines statistics within the music industry. Its aim is to expose the historical and contemporary use and abuse of these numbers, both nationally and internationally. It addresses their impact on consumers’ choices, upon the careers of musicians and upon the policies that governments and legislators make.