Brick Watching (Book)

Category: Cultural Studies


The aim of the Watching series is to draw attention to some of the very interesting items around us, things that perhaps we don't notice as much as we might. The first was Bridge Watching, and when this was put ''on the Net'' it produced, to the surprise of the author, such a pleasant flood of e-mail that another was written, called Water Watching. This, too, was kindly received. So it was tempting to continue with the theme.Brick-watching is an inexpensive pastime, which can turn an old brick wall into an exciting find, and bring to your attention the fascination that is hidden from those who look but don't see, or perhaps see but don't look. It is taken for granted that everyone knows that a brick is a lump of clay moulded into a rectangular block and then baked; but there is of course much more to it than that. Armed with a little knowledge, every brick structure is an item of interest, something to be noticed, perhaps to be jotted down in a record, or photographed, drawn, painted, remembered. The author hopes that this gentle approach will provide some insight into the esoteric world of bricks, and will increase the pleasure of finding and studying the many brick structures (including the multitude of fascinating ruins) not only locally but all over the world. It might even convert the reader from being indifferent to becoming enthusiastic.
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