Call for Papers: Journal of Popular Music Education
Thursday, September 03, 2020

Call for Papers: Journal of Popular Music Education

Call for Papers: Journal of Popular Music Education 


ISSN 2397-6721 | Online ISSN 2397-673X 

3 issues per volume | First published in 2017 


Guest Editors:


Zack Moir, Edinburgh Napier University, UK 


Donna Weston, Queensland Conservatorium, Australia 


Special issue: ‘Popular Music Education and The Politics of the Natural World’ 


Popular music education does not exist in a vacuum. It is inextricably linked to the sociopolitical, economic, and physical world in which it exists, yet relatively little consideration is given to the role of PME in nurturing popular musicians who are both professionally and ethically educated in the potential environmental impacts - positive and negative - of their practice. Our field is one that could be criticised in many ways for preparing or training musicians to engage with and perpetuate many aspects of the political status quo that feed and support industries and ways of living that are resource-intensive, exploitative, and largely unresponsive to the social and environmental crises that our planet and societies are facing, with ever greater urgency and peril. However, the guest editors of this issue feel that this does not have to be the case and believe that developing social and ecological literacy should be an important part of what our field does. 


What impact does PME have on the world around us, and how can we develop pedagogies and frameworks for PME that strive towards addressing the current environmental crisis? Do we have a responsibility, as educators practising at this precarious time in the history and trajectory of our planet, to engage in and develop social, political, and eco-literate pedagogies? Can educators, learners, scholars, performers, and other practitioners in PME adopt positions in which they can serve as a force for good in developing critical consciousness, changing attitudes, and improving the physical and social world that we inhabit? This special issue of JPME invites colleagues to submit critical, empirical, descriptive and philosophical papers on topics including, but not limited to: 


• Interdisciplinarity: synergies between PME and environmental education 

• Popular music and the response of PME to climate change 

• PME and sustainability

• Popular music and resource consumption 

• PME in the time of environmentally linked catastrophe (such as COVID-19 or the Australian bushfires) and the subsequent disruption they bring 

• PME for, and in response to, environmentally-linked social change 

• The role of eco-criticism and eco-musicology in PME 

• PME and activism

• Capitalism, environmental crisis, and links to education 

• PME, livelihoods, and the role of education in times of rapid environmental and social change 

• PME and exploitation 


Scholarship from and across all relevant research methods and disciplines is welcome. Please submit manuscripts of between 6,000 and 8,000 words (double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, including references) by February 1, 2021. You can submit your paper through the JPME website. Please refer to JPME submission guidelines and Intellect style guide when preparing a submission. Less traditional format submissions are also welcomed for the perspectives and practices section of the journal.


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