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Caroline Archer

Caroline Archer-Parré is Professor of Typography at Birmingham City University. She is Director of the Centre for Printing History and Culture, a joint initiative between Birmingham City University and the University of Birmingham and Chairman of the Baskerville Society. Caroline is the author of four books (The Kynoch Press, the Anatomy of a Printing House; Tart Cards: London’s Illicit Advertising Art; Paris Underground; and The St Bride Notebook), an editor and contributing author to many more, and a frequent contributor to the trade and academic press. Caroline is particularly interested in the history of printing in Birmingham from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Her research straddles three specific areas: (1) the work of eighteenth-century typefounder John Baskerville; (2) designer-printers of the twentieth century; and (3) the advent of technical education in the printing industry.

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