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Spotlight titles


Critical Lessons in Food, Communication, Design and Art
Edited by Oliver Vodeb

Food Democracy brings together contributions from leading international scholars and activists, critical case studies of emancipatory food practices and reflections on possible models for responsive communication, design and art. The book includes recipes and essays that ask how to counter the role of the food industry as a machine of consumption.

Performance, Experience and Ideology in Contemporary Creative Restaurants

Considers four of the world’s leading creative restaurants as experimental performance practice. Using ideas from performance studies, cultural studies, philosophy and economics, the book argues that technoemotional restaurants can be understood as both a commodified experience and an artistic and aesthetic practice. 10 b/w photographs.   New Books Network (New Books in Food) interview with Dr. Paul Geary

Tourism and New Zealand Film Geographies

Mediating the Mouse
Edited by Priscilla Hobbs

The name 'Disney' is synonymous with its expansive franchises, from princesses to theme parks. The power of the Disney brand is its role as a cultural influencer across multiple generations across the globe. This collection of essays takes a look at Disney beyond its behemoth corporate presence and into the threads of the Disney experience. b/w illus.

Middle Class Kingdoms

The first comparative historical study of the six Disneyland theme parks around the world in five distinct cultures: the USA, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Sets the parks in the historic contexts at their opening, discusses cross- and trans-cultural understandings of the parks and the part that class plays.   A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.   New Books Network (New Books in Critical Theory) interview with Sabrina Mittermeier   Book Launch

City and Site of Nature and Culture

An analysis of the city of Melbourne using a wide range of historical, literary and artistic sources, including writers on modernity and the modern city. This environmental humanities and eco-cultural study of the history and culture of Melbourne and its site places it within the international context of other cities, such as Paris and London. Podcast: My Marvellous Melbourne, episode 12: