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Intellect is proud to support the Class & Culture 2023 Conference

Sat 21 October 2023, 09:00 - 17:00, to be held at the Watershed, Bristol.

This is a collaborative event by UWE Bristol, University of Hertfordshire and Intellect.

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Building on the work of the Journal of Class and Culture and drawing on a wide and diverse range of academics and non-academics, encompassing various methodological and epistemological approaches the aim of this one-day conference is to provide a platform for an engagement with and an analysis of class.

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Spotlight Titles


The Journal of Class and Culture is a provocative theoretical and empirical intervention into debates concerning class and culture. We reject and challenge the rendering of class as an archaic concept and engage with class as a dynamic category actively shaped by the changing demands of capitalism. For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.

An Ecofeminist Inquiry
Edited by Martina Topić

Edited collection examining the position of women in context of the political economy of the media. Discusses historically rooted masculinity, sexism, violence, inequality, underrepresentation, dual expectations, and lack of recognition faced by women in the media, looking particularly at gendered newsrooms and who creates the news. 9 b&w illus.

From Global Civilization to Great Civilization (Second Edition)

Additional Prefaces from Theodore Jay Gordon, Hazel Henderson, Randeep Sudan, and new original material in each chapter. Considers impact of Covid-19 and influence beyond health and hygiene, impact on economic, social and geopolitical affairs, and the need to change established behaviour patterns including lifestyle, working practices and diet.

Spaces, Actors, Practices and Technologies in The Visible

This volume gathers together ten original essays on the contemporary politics of visibility. Contributions are interdisciplinary and address an array of topical areas in the newly emerging modes of governance, ranging from urban public space to the media and the new media in contemporary society. 7 b&w illus.

Imaginaries of the Smart Future
Edited by Susan Flynn Series edited by Graham Cairns

Interdisciplinary collection exploring cities and urban spaces in the context of technological and digital innovation. An approachable discussion of the issues surrounding smart digital futures and the disruptive potential of smart technologies in our cities; issues of change, design, austerity, ownership, citizenship and equality. 29col and 3b&w.A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: Equality in the City. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.

How Not to Look Away
Edited by Judith Rudakoff

Voices from diverse cultural and environmental contexts writing on forms of engagement with the topic of performing #MeToo – testimony, witnessing, interpretation and field reports. Includes people who speak from personal experience, as well as allies, activists and scholars. Examines contemporary work, and work from the pre-#MeToo era. 25 b/w illus.

The Systemic Revolution

Fashion Education maps out a praxis of inclusive fashion pedagogy. In this collection of 17 essays, fashion educators from Australia, Canada, the US and the UK recount their experiences, struggles and strategies of radically redesigning fashion curriculum to centre Black, Indigenous, brown, fat, disabled, queer and trans bodies. 59 b/w illus.

Disruptions and Connections

This edited collection develops existing work on punk pedagogy by connecting theory and practices whilst simultaneously disrupting current accepted approaches to pedagogy in post-16 education. This globally focused text takes an interdisciplinary approach that can be applied to a wide range of contexts and educational settings. 5 b/w illus.

Metal Scenes around the World

This collection of thirteen essays is an exploration of metal scenes throughout the world, from Dayton to Hull, from Copenhagen to Osaka. Unique portrayal of how these scenes developed, are experienced by fans, and are influenced by the contexts in which they are embedded. Foreword by Henkka Seppälä. 36 b&w illus.

Tales of Danger and Pleasure

Veganism is so much more than what we eat. It’s about striving to live an ethical life in a profoundly unethical world. Is being vegan difficult or is it now easier than ever? What does veganism have to do with wider struggles for social justice – feminism, LGBTQ+ politics, anti-racism and environmentalism?

A Radical Social Movement

In this new edition of her accessible autoethnography of fat feminist activism in the West, Charlotte Cooper revisits and discusses her activism in the context of recent shifts in the movement. It is part of a new wave of accessible, accountable and rigorous work emerging through Research Justice and the Para-Academy.