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Chase Coulson Christensen
Mr. Coulson's passion for Chinese was ignited in part by his mother's love of Asia and in part by a love for challenge and a desire to conquer the, "world's most difficult language." Having learned colloquial Chinese and to read and write Chinese both the traditional and modern simplified scripts, Mr. Coulson has been deepening his knowledge of classical Chinese by reading classical and Chinese philosophical texts. In his 10+ years of eclectic translation experience, Mr. Coulson's has developed a unique personal approach to translation is guided by a strong love of poetry and the "music" of language. He feels that his primary role as a translator is to find the poetic beauty, and the rhythmic and musical soul underscoring the text. This approach is particularly fitting for Chinese translation, as the language is steeped in poetry, e.g., classical Tang and Song poems. His background in art, acting, film-making and music also help bring artistic sensibilities to the language; making the finished text an enjoyable and quick read. When not engaged in translation work, Mr. Coulson enjoys spending time with family, studying and making music, and writing and singing songs.