Cinemas of the Other (Book)

A Personal Journey with Film-Makers from Central Asia

Updated collections of recent interviews with filmmakers whose works represent trends in the film industries of Central Asia and the Middle East, these two new geospecific editions expand upon the earlier volume Cinemas of the Other: A Personal Journey with Film-Makers from the Middle East and Central Asia.
Following an introduction delineating the histories of the film industries of the countries that make up the Middle East and Central Asia – including Iran, Turkey, and the Central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – both books contain interviews stretching over a decade, which position the filmmakers and their creative concerns within the social or political context of their respective countries. The striking variety of approaches toward each interview creates a rich diversity of tone and opens the door to a better understanding of images of 'otherness' in film. In addition to transcripts of the interviews, each chapter also includes stills from important films discussed, biographical information about the filmmakers and filmographies of their works.
Gönül Dönmez-Colin offers in these expanded editions a carefully researched and richly detailed firsthand account of the developments and trends in these regional film industries that is sure to be appreciated by film scholars and researchers of the Middle East and Central Asia.


Gönül Dönmez-Colin is a film scholar specializing in the cinemas of Central Asia and the Middle East. She is the author of Women, Islam and Cinema, Cinemas of the Other: A Personal Journey with Filmmakers from the Middle East and Central Asia, and The Cinema of North Africa and the Middle East.



Ardak Amirkulov and Ermek Shinarbaev
A New Beginning
Being Young in Almaty

Serik Aprimov
The Last Stop is Aksuat
The Need for Hunters

Rachid Nugmanov
The Wild East, Rockers, Bikers and a New Life 


Chingiz Aitmatov
The Equivocal Marriage of Literature and Cinema

Aktan Arymkubat (Abdikalikov)
The Most Successful Kyrgyz Film-maker
Let There Be Light

Ernest Abdizhaparov
Minimalist World

Gennadi Bazarov
A Culture to Share with the Young

Tolomush Okeev
Searching for Lost Identity


Tachir Mukharovich Sabirov
More than a Generation Gap


Halmammet Kakabaev
Human Values in a World in Transition


Kamara Kamalova
The ‘Grande Dame’ Of Central Asian Cinema

Zulfikar Mussakov
Humour in the Absence of Hope and Laughter

Yusuf Razikov
The Unfair Battle of the Sexes

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