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Claudia Gluschankof

Claudia Gluschankof is a senior lecturer at Levinsky College of Education, Tel-Aviv, teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels in the Early Childhood Education Department and Music Education Department. She served as a member of the Music Curriculum Committee of Israel, and is an academic advisor at Beit Almusica Conservatory, Shafr-Amr, Israel. She has been involved with the ISME-ECME commission in 2006–12 (chairing 2008–10, 2018–22). She serves in the review board of several international and national journals (IJME, RIEM, Min-Ad, IJMEC). Her research interests focus on the musical expressions of young children, particularly on the self-initiated play of young children in various cultural contexts, especially among Hebrew and Arabic speakers, as well as music teacher training and intercultural issues in music education. She served as researcher in ‘Global Visions Through Mobilizing Networks: Co-developing Intercultural Music Teacher Education in Finland, Israel and Nepal’, a research project funded by the Academy of Finland (2015–19). She chaired Cultural Diversity in Music Education 2019 conference, hosted at her institution (June 2019), and was a member of the scientific and the site organizing committee of the first ever ISME pre-conference ECME (Early Childhood Music Education) seminar hosted in the Middle East, and specifically in Shafr-Amr, Israel, by Beit Almusica Conservatory.

Contact: Levinsky College of Education, 15 Shoshana Persitz St., Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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