Creative Communities (Book)

Regional Inclusion and the Arts


This is the first major collection to reimagine and analyse the role of the creative arts in building resilient and inclusive regional communities. Bringing together Australia’s leading theorists in the creative industries, as well as case studies from practitioners working in the creative and performing arts and new material from targeted research projects, the book reconceptualizes the very meaning of regionalism and the position – and potential – of creative spaces in non-metropolitan centres.

Janet McDonald is Associate Professor (Theatre Studies), and is currently the School Coordinator of Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. Robert Mason is Lecturer (Migration and Security Studies) at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.


Introduction - Janet McDonald and Robert Mason

Rethinking Regionalism 

Chapter 1: Common Patterns: Narratives of ‘Mere Coincidence’ and the Production of Regions - Paul Carter

Chapter 2: Creative and Destructive Communities of Lake Condah/Tae Rak, Western Victoria - Louise Johnson

Chapter 3: Creativity and Attenuated Sociality: Creative Communities in Suburban and Peri-Urban Australia - Mark Gibson

Chapter 4: Learning from Inland: Redefining Regional Creativity - Margaret Woodward and Craig Bremner

Returning Creativity 

Chapter 5: Getting to Know the Story of the Boathouse Dances: Football, Freedom and Rock ‘n’ Roll - Tamara Whyte, Chris Matthews, Michael Balfour, Lyndon Murphy and Linda Hassall

Chapter 6: ‘The Artists Are Taking Over This Town’: Lifestyle Migration and Regional Creative Capital - Susan Luckman

Chapter 7: Art in Response to Crisis: Drought, Flood and the Regional Community - Andrew Mason

Chapter 8: ‘Now We Will Live Forever’: Creative Practice and Refugee Settlement in Regional Australia - Wendy Richards

Restoring Community 

Chapter 9: Making Stories Matter: Using Participatory New Media Storytelling and Evaluation to Serve Marginalized and Regional Communities - Ariella Van Luyn and Helen Klaebe

Chapter 10: Vicarious Heritage: Performing Multicultural Heritage in Regional Australia - Robert Mason

Chapter 11: Practising for Life: Amateur Theatre, Regionalism and the Gold Coast - Patrick Mitchell

Chapter 12: Artist-Run Initiatives as Liminal Incubatory Arts Practice - Janet McDonald

Chapter 13: Same but Different: Growing New Audiences for the Performing Arts in Regional Australia - Rebecca Scollen

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