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Crime Uncovered

ISSN 2056-9629 | Online ISSN 2056-9637

Series Editor:
Tim Mitchell


Crime fiction in the various forms of literature, film, television, and even video games, is one of the most pervasive of all ‘genres’, with an ever-expanding international popularity. Intellect’s latest book series is intended as a means of exploring this genre in an intelligent, critical and accessible manner. The series will focus its gaze on the ‘character type’ in crime fiction and, across a number of volumes, it aims to unveil and illuminate the various manifestations of character from the police detective to the amateur sleuth, the charismatic anti-hero to the private eye and beyond. Each title will be devoted to a particular character type such as ‘The Detective’ or  ‘The Anti-Hero’ and contain protagonist case studies, interviews with crime writers and explicatory chapters on the wider background and perception of these fascinating – and much loved – characters in crime.
Readers will gain a deeper insight into the workings of character and how integral this has been to both the success and longevity of the genre. Individual case studies will demonstrate how aspects of location, methodology, relationships, adaptation, social context and morality differentiate each individual protagonist enough to make them interesting, whilst other chapters will help us come to an understanding of what it is that makes them part of a recognizable and distinctive ‘type’.
The Crime Uncovered series uses academic method but in an accessible, reader-friendly fashion so that the book will appeal to the intelligent reader of crime fiction and student, as well as the scholar.

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