Critical Studies in Men's Fashion 6.1&2 is now available
Monday, November 04, 2019

Critical Studies in Men's Fashion 6.1&2 is now available

Intellect is thrilled to announce that Critical Studies in Men's Fashion 6.1&2 is now available!


Special Section: 'Post-Soviet Masculinities'


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Aims & Scope


Critical Studies in Men's Fashion is the first peer-reviewed journal to focus exclusively on men's dress as a means of examining the tangible and intangible aspects of creating and maintaining appearance. The journal discusses gender, identity, sexuality, culture, marketing and business. All articles are double-blind peer reviewed. Theoretical and empirical scholarship in the form of original articles, reports, and media reviews is welcome.


Issue 6.1&2



Andy Reilly 


Special Section: Post-Soviet Masculinities


Guest editorial 

Vicki Karaminas and Graham H. Roberts


Fashioning the ‘Performance Man’: Costumes and contexts of Andrey Bartenev 

Olga Vainshtein


Between the gangster and the country gentleman: Male fashion during the volatile 1990s

Helena Goscilo


Queering the stitch: Fashion, masculinity and the post-socialist subject 

Graham H. Roberts


The queer coat: Konstantin Goncharov’s fashion, Russian masculinity and queer world building

Vlad Strukov


The negotiation of masculinity and identity through clothing choices among Russian speakers in Canada 

Alla Myzelev 


General Call Section


Fashioning Muslim men: Appraising professional Saudi men’s attitudes towards the thobe 

C. A. DeCoursey


Gen-Y men and ‘Fast Fashion’: Who values it? 

Jihyun Sung and Hongjoo Woo


Fashion parades – for men only: Multiple tailor Hepworths, designer Hardy Amies and the marketing of men’s suits in Britain in the 1960s 

Danielle Sprecher


Reconciling hyperconsumerism and sustainability in the island ecosystem: A photo essay of men’s street fashion in Honolulu 

Attila Pohlmann 




Menswear Revolution: The Transformation of Contemporary Men’s Fashion, Jay McCauley Bowstead (2018) 

Michael P. Londrigan


Peacock Revolution: American Masculine Identity and Dress in the Sixties and Seventies, Daniel Delis Hill (2018)

José Blanco F.