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The Costume Society of America 2023 conference will take place 23-27 May in Salt Lake City, Utah. More information about the conference can be found here.

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Spotlight titles


The Systemic Revolution

Fashion Education maps out a praxis of inclusive fashion pedagogy. In this collection of 16 essays, fashion educators from Australia, Canada, the US and the UK recount their experiences, struggles and strategies of radically redesigning fashion curriculum to centre Black, Indigenous, brown, fat, disabled, queer and trans bodies. 59 b/w illus.

Decentring Luxury

The first study of Canada’s historical, economic and cultural relationship to luxury. From the fur trade to Indigenous resurgence, Eaton’s Made-in-Canada campaign to Toronto Fashion Week, Vancouver public artworks to Montréal’s fashiontech sector, this collection explains what makes Canadian luxury. 19 b/w illus.

Customized denim battle jackets are worn by heavy metal fans to show their devotion to the music and subcultures of metal. Unique study outlines the significance of battle jackets in metal scenes and makes connections to wider historic and contemporary culture. Original paintings of jackets and photographic portraits of the wearers. 80 col. illus.

Theories, Methods, Practices and Politics

Programmatically outlines a paradigmatic shift towards an expanded fashion discourse at the intersection of doing and thinking. Designers, artists, curators and theorists investigate the multifaceted debates on the rise of practice-based research in fashion and thus make a significant step to advance fashion studies. 24 col and 34 b/w illus.

Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment

A fresh approach to contemporary views of luxury focusing on extensive academic research and industry insights, pushing the boundaries by using luxury as a catalyst for innovative research in a variety of domains spanning design, art, craftsmanship, technology, retail, architecture and cultural and social studies. 12 col. illus.  

The Politics of Dress
Edited by Denise N. Rall

As never before, women are rightfully in positions of political power, and into the maelstrom of mass media challenges to their fashions and their right to govern. An examination of the fraught narratives surrounding the clothing of women in leadership in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. 7 b/w, 24 colour illus. 

Creativity Inspired by Scarcity in World War II

This is the story of clothing use when manufacturing for civilians nearly stopped and raw materials and workers across the globe were shifted to war work. Governments mandated rationing programmes in many countries to regulate the limited supply. 75 years later the slow fashion movement is motivating reductions in clothing consumption. 123 b/w illus.

Fashion to Create, Disrupt and Transcend
Edited by Andrew Reilly and Ben Barry

This volume presents a collection of the most recent knowledge on the relationship between gender and fashion in historical and contemporary contexts. Through fourteen essays divided into three segments – how dress creates, disrupts and transcends gender – the chapters investigate gender issues through the lens of fashion. A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: Crossing Gender Boundaries. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.

An Archival and Photographic Adventure

This volume explores the lives of women in Iran through the social, political and aesthetic contexts of veiling, unveiling and re-veiling. Through poetic writings and photographs, Azadeh Fatehrad responds to the legacy of the Iranian Revolution via the representation of women in photography, literature and film. 

Aesthetics and Politics

Moving far beyond predominant views of Africa as a place to be 'saved', and even more recent celebratory formulations of it as 'rising', African Luxury: Aesthetics and Politics highlights and critically interrogates the visual and material cultures of lavish and luxurious consumption already present on the continent.  A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: African Luxury. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.

Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling

Everywhere we look, people are using fashion to communicate self and society – who they are, and where they belong. Transglobal Fashion Narratives presents an international, interdisciplinary analysis of those narratives. Moving from sweatshop to runway, page to screen, camera to blog and artist to audience, the book examines fashion as a mediated form of content in branding, as a literary and filmic device, and as a personal form of expression by industry professionals, journalists and bloggers.