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Dalila Honorato

Dalila Honorato, Ph.D., is tenured faculty in aesthetics and visual semiotics at the Ionian University, Greece and a collaborator at the Center of Philosophy of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal. One of the founding members of the Interactive Arts Lab, she is the head of the organizing committee of the conference Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science and a co-founder of the network ‘FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology’. In 2020 she was invited to join the Editorial Organism of Technoetic Arts.

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Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research
Founding Editor Roy Ascott Editorial Organism (from issue 18.2) Editorial Organism, Tom Ascott, John Bardakos, Dalila Honorato, Hu Yong, Claudia Jacques and Claudia Westermann Associate Editors (up to issue 18.1) Tom Ascott and Luna Zhou