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Spotlight titles


These Boots Are Made for Dancing

How dance and mass movement are used as a political tool by political regimes, especially authoritarian governments, as a way of showing symbolic mass support for the regime. Such regimes require spectacle to present them as protectors of the ethnic and national identities of their subjects, represented by the costumed folk dancers. 18 b/w illus.

Moving Towards a More Humane Dance Culture

Focuses on ethical issues confronting Western theatrical dance, from treatment of dancers to choreography, dance criticism, presenting and paradigm shifts in the dance field. It aims to equip dance artists with alternative frameworks and ethical decision-making skills for different stages of their careers and with dignity and respect.

Selected Writings from the Journal of Beijing Dance Academy

A collection of articles selected from the Journal of Beijing Dance Academy, translated here for an English-speaking audience. Beijing Dance Academy is a full-time institution of higher learning with commitment to developing excellent professional dancers, choreographers and dance researchers.   Part of the Intellect China Library series.   

How Concert Dance Becomes Religious in American Christianity

Uses original studies of four dance companies to examine the religious lives of American Christians who are also professional dancers. Explores how practices of dancing and Christianity, and experience and performance contexts influence and shape approaches to creating, transforming and performing dance. 10 b/w illus.

This book explores the experience and value of dancing for people living with the neurodegenerative disorder Parkinson’s disease. Sara Houston argues that the benefits of participatory dance are best understood through the experiences, lives, needs and challenges of people living with Parkinson’s who have chosen to dance.

Methods and Approaches
Edited by Petra Kuppers

What does it mean to approach disability-focused cultural production and consumption as generative sites of meaning-making? Disability Arts and Culture: Methods and Approaches seeks the answer to this question and more in an exploration of disability studies within the arts and beyond.

This anthology explores alternative and parallel influences that shape the culture of ballet. The ‘we’ of ballet is complex, encompassing individuals and communities, often marginalized, who contribute to discourses about ballet beyond the mainstream White, patriarchal, Eurocentric, heterosexual constructs of gender, race and class. 8 b/w illus.   New Books Network (New Books in Performing Arts) interview with Adesola Akinleye

Edited collection presenting an investigation of the entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit of collaboration: the pair. It focuses on a ten-year period in the work of Karen Christopher, alongside wider reflections on the duet as a concept in artistic and social life. 9 b/w illus. 19 col. illus.

Dramaturgy, Psychology, and Performativity

Analyzes the self-organizing dramaturgies of dance works that generate performance systematically. Provides effective resources for those who wish to study or realize the potential of performance generating systems in dance within the fields of choreography and dance dramaturgy, dance education, community dance, or dance psychology. 17 b&w illus.A PDF version of the introduction of this book is available for free in Open Access: Performance Generating Systems in Dance. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public license.

The Performance Work of Marilyn Arsem

An edited volume that explores the work of the innovative, experimental and internationally acclaimed performance artist Marilyn Arsem, with 200 images. She is an important contributor to the international performance community through her site-specific, one-to-one performances in alternative spaces which carry a political or feminist message.   Click here to view VestAndPage's 'HOW TO CONSIDER TIME? In conversation with Marilyn Arsem': www.vest-and-page.de/post/how-to-consider-time-in-conversation-with-marilyn-arsem    

A Body-Mind Centering Approach

A reflexive study of a client case in which touch-based practices were undertaken. Considering the philosophical landscape of both touch and non-touch, it explores and reflects upon the use of touch, and considers the wider context and socially imposed perceptions that would prevent touch from taking place, including social discourses. 5 b/w illus.

Mediation and New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance. Technology, Cognition and Emergent Research-Creation Methodologies

This book is a vital contribution to discussions surrounding research creation and the body in relation to digital media, highlighting the ways in which new technologies confront the sensate, somatic body.