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Emmanuelle Dirix

Emmanuelle Dirix is the Course Leader for Historic Research at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. She specialises in Fashion history and theory and her research interests include historiography, cultural branding narratives, and online identity formation. She previously held appointments at MMU, the Royal College of Art, UAL and the University of Manchester. She regularly contributes to academic volumes, journals and exhibition catalogues on fashion, textiles and design. Recent work includes ‘Birds of paradise: Feathers, fetishism and costume in classical Hollywood’, Film, Fashion & Consumption (2015) and Russian Fashion Theory Journal (2016), ‘Feathers, Fringes and the spectacular modern Flapper: ode to a fallen type’, Jazz Age: Fashion in the Roaring Twenties, Snoeck (2015), ‘Stitched Up – Representations of Contemporary Vintage Style Mania and the Dark Side of the Popular Knitting Revival’. Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture (2014) and Dressing the Decades (Yale University Press/Thames & Hudson, 2016). In 2011 she curated Unravel: Knitwear in Fashion at the Momu, Antwerp and edited the accompanying publication (Editions Lanoo 2011) and she has published a series of Fashion Source books (Carlton-Fiell).

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