Far Field (Book)

Digital Culture, Climate Change, and the Poles


Andrea Polli is associate professor of film and media at the University of New Mexico. She is a digital artist whose work addresses science and technology in contemporary society.

Jane Marsching is associate professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Chapter 1: Introduction – Jane D. Marsching and Andrea Polli
Chapter 2: Every New Thing: The Evolution of Artistic Technologies in the Antarctic, or How Land Arts Came to the Ice – William L. Fox
Chapter 3: Magnets of the Fantastic: The North Pole Observed – Jane D. Marsching
Chapter 4: Pages From The Book of the Unknown Explorer – Judit Hersko
Chapter 5: Antarctic Diaries Excerpt – Simon Faithfull
Chapter 6: Ground Truth [Focus: The Antarctic Dry Valleys] – Andrea Polli
Chapter 7: London Fieldworks: Polaria Fieldwork and Installation – Jo Joelson and Bruce Gilchrist
Chapter 8: Disappearing Ice and Missing Data: Climate Change in the Visual Culture of the Polar Regions – Lisa E. Bloom and Elena Glasberg
Chapter 9: Between Ecotopia and Ecotage: Polar Media – Peter Krapp
Chapter 10: Nonorganic Life: Frequency, Virtuality and the Sublime in Antarctica – Susan Ballard
Chapter 11: Inhabiting the Extreme or Making Antarctica Familiar – Annick Bureaud
Chapter 12: Voices, Lines, Cracks and Data-Sets: Formations of a New ‘Idea of the Canadian North’ – Leslie Sharpe
Chapter 13: Airspace [Focus: McMurdo Station, Antarctica] – Andrea Polli
Chapter 14: Systemness: Towards a Data Aesthetics of Climate Change – Tom Corby
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