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Spotlight titles


Technologies and Temporalities in Chinese Screen Cultures

This book takes an innovative approach, arguing for a broadening of Chinese screen cultures to account for new technologies of screening. The contributors explore transnational connections and consider time and technology in both popular blockbusters and independent art films from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Chinese diasporas.

Selected Writings from Contemporary Cinema 2

The second volume in Intellect’s Film Studies in China series, this is a collection of articles selected from issues of the journal Contemporary Cinema, translated into English. The goal of publishing this journal in English is to enable in-depth exchanges about film policy, global culture and film-making with film researchers all over the world.

Edited by Gary Bettinson

A survey of a vibrant – and expanding – industry, Directory of World Cinema: China 2 examines, among other themes, China’s desire for success and fulfilment in the United States, as well as the extensive history of representing China – and the Chinese in America – on US movie screens. With contributions from some of the leading academics in the field, this volume will be essential reading for all fans of Chinese film.

Edited by John Berra

Back for a second encore following the success of the first two instalments, this volume takes as its subject not the genres or movements that constitute the cinema of the Land of the Rising Sun but the filmmakers themselves. Focusing entirely on directors, the contributors here offer over forty essays on key Japanese auteurs, ranging from the Golden Age to the New Wave to the present day, with inclusion of trend-setting and taboo-breaking genre specialists who have achieved a significant cult following. Though the spotlight is on the filmmakers, this new volume continues to consider a wide range of genres associated with Japanese cinema, including animation, contemporary independent cinema, J-Horror, the New Wave, period drama, science fiction and yakuza.

Hong Kong New Wave Cinema analyzes specific films from Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s and the historical and social conditions that allowed them to flourish. Pak Tong Cheuk also draws on the auteur and genre theories, examines the directors’ cinematic style and aesthetics, traces the development of the film and television industries and more.

Asian Cinema is a peer-reviewed seminal journal, which was published from 1995 by the Asian Cinema Studies Society under the stewardship of Professor John Lent. From 2012 Asian Cinema has been published by Intellect as part of our film studies journal portfolio. The journal currently publishes a variety of scholarly material – including research articles, interviews, book and film reviews and bibliographies – on all forms and aspects of Asian cinema. The journal’s broad aim is to advance understanding and knowledge of the rich traditions of the various Asian cinemas, thereby making an invaluable contribution to the field of film studies in general.

Studies in South Asian Film & Media is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication committed to looking at the media and cinemas of the Indian subcontinent in their social, political, economic, historical, and increasingly globalized and diasporic contexts. The journal will evaluate these topics in relation to class, caste, gender, race, sexuality and ideology.  

The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scholarly understanding of everyday cultures. It is concerned with the study of the social and cultural meanings that are produced and circulated through everyday media and practices as products of consumption. It explores popular narratives and iconographies as intellectual objects of inquiry, and as integral components of the dynamic forces that shape societies and identities. The journal publishes articles that focus on Australasian examples, as well as broader critical and comparative topics viewed through a global lens.