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Spotlight titles


The first book to comprehensively engage with Disney fans and the company's relationship with them, spanning theme parks, film, television, stage productions and novels, as well as a variety of fannish interventions. It addresses timely issues such as race and queerness, the Covid- 19 pandemic and the advent of Disney+. 20 b&w illus.

Popular Music Stardom in Post-war Italy

Mina is one of Italy’s best-loved pop stars. This book explores the significance of her star status in post-war Italy, and traces how the many meanings of Mina evolve as a result of different media forms she was involved in, which intersect and interact to produce new significances of the star throughout her sixty-year-long career. 12 illus.

Edited by Richard Anatone

This is the first book-length study of the music of Nobuo Uematsu, and focuses on his Final Fantasy soundtracks, exploring the dynamic relationship between the music and the stories behind the beloved video game series. Contributors are music and game scholars, based in the USA and UK. Foreword by William Gibbons. 95 b/w illus.

Customized denim battle jackets are worn by heavy metal fans to show their devotion to the music and subcultures of metal. Unique study outlines the significance of battle jackets in metal scenes and makes connections to wider historic and contemporary culture. Original paintings of jackets and photographic portraits of the wearers. 80 col. illus.

Camp, Female Performers and Queer Audiences in the Arena Tour Show

This book looks at contemporary popular music divas, their live and recorded performances, and the perceived relationship these artists have with queer audiences. By looking into the theatrics of the diva tour show, it examines and theorizes the production and reception of camp as a queer praxis that feeds the diva-queer culture relationship.

Monsters in Politics

Exploration of the idea that House of Cards sets an alternate political world, where the leader is a ferocious animal, a political field overtaken by monsters who remain true to their fundamental nature or try to master their bloodthirsty instincts. But can we really think that the elected men and women are so different from their constituents?

A Primer of Case Studies, Theories, and Analyses for the Player-Academic

This collection of essays addresses the fascinating intersection between nostalgia and videogame music. From Nintendo to PlayStation, Zelda to Bioshock, and cult to classic games – this anthology takes readers on a musical journey into personal, historical and virtual pasts. 15 b/w illus.

A Political History of Italian Food TV
By Francesco Buscemi Series edited by Flavia Laviosa

A lively and rigorous historical account of Italian food television narrated from a political point of view. In referring to the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, the book links food, television and politics and shows how the three give way to the political construction of various versions of Italy, from 1954 to the present. 12 b/w photographs.    New Books Network (New Books in Italian Studies) interview with Francesco Buscemi

Metal Scenes around the World

This collection of thirteen essays is an exploration of metal scenes throughout the world, from Dayton to Hull, from Copenhagen to Osaka. Unique portrayal of how these scenes developed, are experienced by fans, and are influenced by the contexts in which they are embedded. Foreword by Henkka Seppälä. 36 b&w illus.

Popularly known as Bollywood, Bombay cinema conjures up song, dance and starry-eyed romance. Where do those conventions come from? Many derive from the historical influence of Muslim cultures interacting with other traditions in the Indian subcontinent. Contributions by major scholars of South Asian cultural history and Indian Cinema 105 b&w illus.

Mediating the Mouse
Edited by Priscilla Hobbs

The name 'Disney' is synonymous with its expansive franchises, from princesses to theme parks. The power of the Disney brand is its role as a cultural influencer across multiple generations across the globe. This collection of essays takes a look at Disney beyond its behemoth corporate presence and into the threads of the Disney experience. 3 b/w illus.