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Greice Schneider

Greice Schneider is associate professor at the Department of Communications of Universidade Federal de Sergipe (Brazil) and is the author of What Happens When Nothing Happens: Boredom and Everyday Life in Contemporary Comics (Leuven University Press, 2016). She holds a Ph.D. in literature (KU Leuven) and a MA in communication and contemporary culture (Universidade Federal da Bahia). Her main interests lie in the field of visual studies, with a particular interest in the relations between image and narrative. Her publications have appeared in Studies in Comics, European Comic Art and Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art. She is the leader of the research group Lavint (Laboratório de Análise de Visualidades, Narrativas e Tecnologias) and member of Rede Grafo (Rede Integrada de Pesquisa sobre Teorias e Análise da Fotografia).

Contact: Departamento de Comunicação, Universidade Federal de Sergipe Avenida Marechal Rondon Jardim s/n, Rosa Elze, São Cristóvão, SE, 49100-000, Brazil.

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