Friday, October 18, 2019

International Journal of Fashion Studies 6.2 now available

A new beautifully designed cover from International Journal of Fashion Studies means issue 6.2 is now available!


Special Issue: Clothing and Fashion in Historical Perspective 


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Aims & Scope


The International Journal of Fashion Studies is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that fosters the worldwide diffusion of fashion studies. Published bi-annually, the journal invites articles on all aspects of fashion as a social, cultural, historical and aesthetic phenomenon. Although the journal is open to contributions submitted in English, its principal aim is to be a platform for fashion studies developed by non-English speakers.


Issue 6.2




The scenographic, costumed chorus, agency and the performance of matter: A new materialist approach to costume 

Donatella Barbieri and Greer Crawley


Tetela amulets: Re-interpreting a medical anthropology collection as a fashion benchmark

Heather Marie Akou 


Special Section: Clothing and Fashion in Historical Perspective 




Fashion and history: There is no doubt that clothes matter 

Svenja Bethke and Nathalie Keigel 




Fashion studies, five questions: An interview with Christopher Breward 

Svenja Bethke, Christopher Breward, Nathalie Keigel and Anna Novikov




From state uniform to fashion: Japanese adoption of western clothing since the late nineteenth century 

Ami Kobayashi


How to dress up in Eretz Israel, 1880s–1948: A visual approach to clothing, fashion and nation building 

Svenja Bethke


Fabricating black modernity: Fashion and African American womanhood during the first great migration 

Einav Rabinovitch-Fox


Mizrahim masculine fashion as the expression of political confrontation in Israel in the 1970s

Shoshana-Rose Marzel and Henriette Dahan-Kalev 


Open Space


Hunting the absent historical male body 

Sarah Goldsmith


Germany’s next Topmodel: On the historical contexts of a talent show 

Lu Seegers


Gritty realism through rose-tinted specs: The exhibition North: Fashioning Identity 

Johannes Reponen


Fashion’s unruliness: The 68. Pop and Protest exhibition 

Nathalie Keigel 


Book Review


Modern Fashion Traditions: Negotiating Tradition and Modernity through Fashion

M. Angela Jansen and Jennifer Craik