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ITAA (International Textile and Apparel Association) 2021 is occurring 3-6th of November 2021 and more information about the conference can be found here.
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Spotlight titles

Clothing Goes to War

Creativity Inspired by Scarcity in World War II

By Nan Turner

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This is the story of clothing use when manufacturing for civilians nearly stopped and raw materials and workers across the globe were shifted to war work. 

Discounted price: £21.00

Crossing Gender Boundaries

Fashion to Create, Disrupt and Transcend

By Andrew Reilly and Ben Barry

Crossing Gender Boundaries

This volume presents a collection of the most recent knowledge on the relationship between gender and fashion in historical and contemporary contexts.

Discounted price: £26.25


Bowie and Artists of Artifice

By James Curcio

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This interdisciplinary anthology explores the complex relationships in an artist’s life between fact and fiction, presentation and existence, and critique and creation, and examines the work that ultimately results from these tensions.

Discounted price: £21.00

The Poetics and Politics of the Veil in Iran

An Archival and Photographic Adventure

By Azadeh Fatehrad

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This volume explores the lives of women in Iran through the social, political and aesthetic contexts of veiling, unveiling and re-veiling.

Discounted price: £23.80

African Luxury

Aesthetics and Politics

By Mehita Iqani and Simidele Dosekun

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Moving far beyond predominant views of Africa as a place to be 'saved', and even more recent celebratory formulations of it as 'rising', African Luxury: Aesthetics and Politics highlights and critically interrogates the visual and material cultures of lavish and luxurious consumption already present on the continent. 

Discounted price: £17.50

Planet Cosplay

By Paul Mountfort, Anne Peirson-Smith and Adam Geczy

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Examining the central aspects of cosplay ranging from sources and sites to performance and play, from sex and gender to production and consumption.

Discounted price: £25.90

L.A. Chic

A Locational History of Los Angeles Fashion

By Susan Ingram and Markus Reisenleitner

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Provides an in-depth analysis of the social changes, urban processes, desires and politics that inform how the good life is being re-imagined in Los Angeles.

Discounted price: £23.80

Personal Style Blogs

Appearances that Fascinate

By Rosie Findlay

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Examines the history and rise of style blogging and looks closely at the relationship between bloggers and their (frequently anonymous) readers as well as the response of the fashion industry to style bloggers' amateur and often unauthorized fashion reportage. 

Discounted price: £17.50


Making and (Un)Knowing in Fashion Practice

By Yeseung Lee

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Offers an innovative practice-based investigation into the meaning of the handmade in the age of technological revolution and globalized production and consumption.

Discounted price: £22.75

Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace

A Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s

By Andi Harriman and Marloes Bontje

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Focuses on the music, the individual and the creativity of a worldwide community, a subject not often covered by academic books. Whether you were part of the scene or are just fascinated by different modes of expression, this book will transport you to another time and place.

Discounted price: £18.55