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The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture
Principal Editor Lorna Piatti-Farnell Associate Editor Ashleigh Prosser Reviews Editor Gwyneth Peaty Editorial Assistant Blair Speakman
Journal of Gulf Studies
Editor & Journal Founder Mahjoob Zweiri Associate Editors Bulent Aras, Marwan Kabalan and Luciano Zaccara Managerial Editor Saban Kardas Editorial Assistant Farah Al Qawasmi
Journal of Design, Business & Society
Editor-in-Chief Cara Wrigley Founding Editor Gjoko Muratovski Associate Editors Robert Crocker and Branden Thornhill-Miller Editorial Support Ekaterina Loy
Journal of Class & Culture
Principal Editor Deirdre O'Neill Assistant Editors Michael Wayne, Michael Pierse and Katie Beswick Reviews Editor Robert Francis Online Editor Craig Johnston
Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds
Associate Editor Sonia Fizek and Melissa Kagen VR & Arts Reviews Editor Phylis Johnson Reviews Editor Matthew S. S. Johnson
Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration
Founder and Editor Catherine Gomes Editors Peidong Yang and Michiel Baas Reviews Editor Helena Hof Social Media Editor Becky Pham
Journal of New Zealand & Pacific Studies
Principal Editor Ian Conrich Assistant Editors Felix Hockey and Heather Waldroup Reviews Editors Morgane Rosier and Angela Kölling
Journal of Fandom Studies
Principal Editor Victoria Godwin Reviews Editor Effie Sapuridis
International Journal of Francophone Studies
Editor Kamal Salhi  Deputy Editor (North America Editorial) Raija Koski Book Reviews Editor Fabienne Chamelot Conference Reviews Editor Peter Brown