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Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds
Associate Editors Sonia Fizek and Melissa Kagen Reviews Editor Matthew S. S. Johnson VR & Arts Reviews Editor Phylis Johnson
Journal of Fandom Studies
Principal Editor Katherine Larsen Reviews Editors Effie Sapuridis Assistant Editor Victoria Godwin
Journal of Design, Business & Society
Editor-in-Chief Cara Wrigley Founding Editor Gjoko Muratovski Associate Editors Robert Crocker and Branden Thornhill-Miller Editorial Support Ekaterina Loy
International Journal of Francophone Studies
Editor Kamal Salhi  Deputy Editor (North America Editorial) Raija Koski Book Reviews Editor Fabienne Chamelot Conference Reviews Editor Peter Brown
International Journal of Fashion Studies
Principal Editors Emanuela Mora, Agnès Rocamora and Paolo Volonté Open Space and Reviews Editor Rosie Findlay Translations Editor Rupert Waldron Editorial Assistant Marco Pedroni
Hospitality & Society
Co-Editors Paul Lynch, Alison McIntosh and Jennie Germann Molz Controversies and Reviews Editor Peter Lugosi Editorial Assistants Tracy Harkison, Gavin Urie and Kelvin Zhang