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Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
Editor Cilia Willem Managing Editors Carlota Moragas and Antonio Caballer Associate Editor & Reviews Editor Iolanda Tortajada
Citizenship Teaching & Learning
Principal Editor Yusef Waghid Associate Editors Ian Davies and Márta Fülöp Handling Editors Koon Lin Wong and Andrew Peterson Reviews Editor Edda Sant
Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty
Principal Editor Susan B. Kaiser Assistant Editor Nina L. Cole Associate Editors Denise N. Green, Michael Mamp, Kelly Reddy-Best and Anneke Smelik Founding Editor Efrat Tseëlon
Critical Studies in Men's Fashion
Principal Editor Andrew Reilly Associate Editors Ben Barry, Joseph H. Hancock II and Vicki Karaminas Media Review Editor Tim Edwards Guest Editor Graham H. Roberts
Global Hip Hop Studies
Coordinating Editors Adam Haupt and J. Griffith Rollefson Editors Murray Forman, Karim Hammou, Bettina Love and Sina Nitzsche Book Reviews Editor Kendra Salois and Quentin Williams Media Review Editors Monique Charles and Justin D. Burton Dive-in-the-Archive Editors Mark V. Campbell and Amy Coddington In-the-CIPHER Editors Adam 'Project Cee' de Paor-Evans
Hospitality & Society
Co-Editors Paul Lynch, Alison McIntosh and Jennie Germann Molz Controversies and Reviews Editor Peter Lugosi Editorial Assistants Tracy Harkison, Gavin Urie and Kelvin Zhang
International Journal of Fashion Studies
Principal Editors Emanuela Mora, Agnès Rocamora and Paolo Volonté Open Space and Reviews Editor Rosie Findlay Translations Editor Rupert Waldron Editorial Assistant Marco Pedroni