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Kyoko Koma

KOMA Kyoko, Ph.D. is associate professor of the School of Information and Communication at Meiji University in Tokyo after nine years of fashion PR experience and twelve years studying and teaching in French and Lithuanian universities. Her research and teaching focus on fashion, gender and (digital) media studies, with a special interest in transboundaries, auto/mutual representation, norms, cultural appropriation, stereotype, discourse analysis, semiology, cultural studies and comparative studies between France and Japan.

Recent publication includes 'Kawaii fashion discourse in the 21st century: Transnationalizing actors' (in Rethinking Fashion Globalization edited by S. Cheang, E. de Greef, and TAKAGI Y., Bloomsbury, 2021), 'Japanese women in popular media' (International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media and Communication edited by Karen Ross et al., Wiley Blackwell, 2020).


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