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Intellect is proud to support the Ludo22 Conference

Ludo2022, the Eleventh European Conference on Video Game Music and Sound, will take place 21-23 April at Royal Holloway, University of London. More information about the conference can be found here.

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Spotlight titles


Edited by Richard Anatone

This is the first book-length study of the music of Nobuo Uematsu, and focuses on his Final Fantasy soundtracks, exploring the dynamic relationship between the music and the stories behind the beloved video game series. Contributors are music and game scholars, based in the USA and UK. Foreword by William Gibbons. 95 b/w illus.

A Primer of Case Studies, Theories, and Analyses for the Player-Academic

This collection of essays addresses the fascinating intersection between nostalgia and videogame music. From Nintendo to PlayStation, Zelda to Bioshock, and cult to classic games – this anthology takes readers on a musical journey into personal, historical and virtual pasts. 15 b/w illus.

A Game Music Companion

Discusses the use of music in a well-loved and culturally significant game – Ocarina of Time. Examining music in different contexts, it identifies music’s role and function within the game and in gameplay overall, and uses this to investigate wider issues in music and media studies and fan cultures. New in paperback. 119 b/w illus.

Second Edition

This book acknowledges the increasing cultural impact of the videogame industry. Topics include machinima, game console artwork, politically oriented videogame art and production of digital art. It contains an extended introduction from the editors, updated interviews with artists in the field and a critique of the commercial videogame industry.

The Transgressive Art of Moving Images

The spectral realm at the boundaries of images incessantly reveals a desire to see beyond the visible and its medium: screens, frames, public displays and projection sites in an art context. The impact of new media on art and film has influenced the material histories and performances (be they in theory or practice) of images across the disciplines. Digital technologies have not only shaped post-cinematic media cultures and visual epistemologies, but they are behind a growing shift towards a new realism in theory, art, film and in the art of the moving image in particular. Technology and Desire examines the performative ontologies of moving images across the genealogies of media and their aesthetic agency in contemporary media and video art, CGI, painting, video games and installations. Drawing on cultural studies, media and film theory as well as art history to provide exemplary evidence of this shift, this book has as its central theme the question of whether images are predicated upon transgressing the boundaries of their framing – and whether in the course of their existence they develop a life of their own.

Costume Play, Identity and Global Fandom

Planet Cosplay is authored by widely published scholars in this field, examining the central aspects of cosplay ranging from sources and sites to performance and play, from sex and gender to production and consumption. 

Middle Class Kingdoms

The first comparative historical study of the six Disneyland theme parks around the world in five distinct cultures: the USA, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Sets the parks in the historic contexts at their opening, discusses cross- and trans-cultural understandings of the parks and the part that class plays.   A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.   New Books Network (New Books in Critical Theory) interview with Sabrina Mittermeier   Book Launch

Mediating the Mouse
Edited by Priscilla Hobbs

The name 'Disney' is synonymous with its expansive franchises, from princesses to theme parks. The power of the Disney brand is its role as a cultural influencer across multiple generations across the globe. This collection of essays takes a look at Disney beyond its behemoth corporate presence and into the threads of the Disney experience. b/w illus.

Few, if any, books come close to being as beloved – or as ubiquitous – as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The book delves into the philosophy of the series and its fans, the distinctions between the films’ fans and the books’ fans, the process of adaptation, and the role of New Zealand in the translation of words to images. Lavishly illustrated, it is guaranteed to appeal to anyone who has ever closed the last page of The Return of the King and wished it to never end.