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Maria Inês Queiroz

Maria Inês Queiroz is Ph.D. researcher at IHC, FCSH-UNL. Mostly devoted to the history of science, technology and economic development, has a Ph.D. in contemporary history, on the ‘History of the Portuguese Marconi Company within the World Communications Network during the 20th Century’. Has published works like ‘Between science and business. Marconi in Portugal’ (2010) or ‘From sea to shore: building a wireless network’ (2010). Co-author in several publications, as the book (coord. by M. F. Rollo) Ciência, Cultura e Língua em Portugal no Século XX (2012) or the article ‘O mar como ciência: instituições estratégias da investigação sobre o mar em Portugal no século XX (da I República à democracia)’ (2014).

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