Media, Markets and Public Spheres (Book)

European Media at the Crossroads

Using a sample of European newspapers and their TV listings as a stepping stone, Media, Markets and Public Spheres presents an overview of changes in European public spheres over the last fifty years. With in-depth analyses of structural changes in press and broadcasting, changing relations between media and changes in media policies, this book explores how and why the media decisively influence most aspects of society. Media, Markets and Public Spheres will be useful to students in media and communication studies and European studies, as well as for those studying sociology and political science.


Jostein Gripsrud is professor in the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. 

Lennart Weibull is professor of media research in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Gothenburg.

Foreword – Ib Bondebjerg & Peter Golding
Preface – Jostein Gripsrud & Lennart Weibull
Public spheres, societal shifts and media modulations – Peter Dahlgren
Changing media, changing society: Four decades of European newspapers – Lennart Weibull & Åsa Nilsson
50 years of European television: An essay – Jostein Gripsrud
The public reception of early television: When television was new in the Nordic countries – Taisto Hujanen & Lennart Weibull
Televisualization of the popular press: An eye-catching trend of the late twentieth century’s media – Juha Herkman
British media and regulatory change: The antinomies of policy – John Corner
French media: Policy regulation and the public sphere – Josiane Jouët
Changing media and public sphere in Turkey: The role of the state, market and the EU candidacy – Mine Gencel Bek
Reconsidering the paradox of parochialism and the shrinking news agenda –Biltereyst, Daniel & Live Desmet
Fakty vs. Wiadomości: On competition and confusion in Polish TV news – Wieslaw Godzic
When the elite press meets the rise of commercial culture – Dominique Pasquier
The sounds of change: representations of music in European newspapers 1960-2000 – Klaus Bruhn Jensen & Peter Larsen
Celebrity culture and the public sphere: The tabloidization of power – Graham Murdock
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