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Spotlight Books


Edited by Nilay Karaca and Seda Kula

An analysis of entertainment, spectacle and recreation activities and spaces of late Ottoman and early Turkish cities, discussing their evolution, and significance for the urban life as well as their interaction with society’s modernization processes, through contributions of numerous authors portraying diverse urban environments. 91 b/w illus.

(Re)Defining the Field

Scholars and practitioners from the realm of 'Islamic architecture’ consider its changing nature and continued significance. Reflective essays address the meaning of ‘Islamic’ in built environments, and the geographical, chronological, disciplinary diversity of a dynamic field of study encompassing far more than mosques and tombs. 118 b/w illus.

Long before the Taliban, ISIS and other iconoclasts, Muslims imagined localities of antiquity as places imbued with didactic, historical and moral power. In thirteen articles by leading scholars covering the eighth century to the present, this book explores diverse ways Muslims have valued the material legacies of ancient and pre-Islamic societies. 118 b/w illus.

Popularly known as Bollywood, Bombay cinema conjures up song, dance and starry-eyed romance. Where do those conventions come from? Many derive from the historical influence of Muslim cultures interacting with other traditions in the Indian subcontinent. Contributions by major scholars of South Asian cultural history and Indian Cinema 105 b&w illus.

A Landscape Recovery for the Ancient City

A documentation of the cultural meaning of the urban landscape of the Ancient City of Aleppo though the urban structures and characteristic courtyard houses, this is both a theoretical and practical handbook for architects, urban planners and restorers alike. 70 b/w illus. 

Liminality, Ritual, and Politics

Edited volume exploring the dynamic relationship between the Friday Mosque and the city. While the Friday mosque and the 'Islamic City' have been widely studied by historians of Islamic architecture and urbanism, this volume specifically examines the functional and spatial ambiguity or liminality between sacred and urban spaces. 101 col. illus.

This collection discusses the innovative and experimental architecture of Israel during its first three decades following the nation’s establishment in 1948. The volume highlights new perspectives on the topic, discussing the inception, modernization and habitation of historic and lesser-researched areas alike in its interrogation.

An Archival and Photographic Adventure

This volume explores the lives of women in Iran through the social, political and aesthetic contexts of veiling, unveiling and re-veiling. Through poetic writings and photographs, Azadeh Fatehrad responds to the legacy of the Iranian Revolution via the representation of women in photography, literature and film. 

Dialogic Encounter between Tradition and Modernity

This volume considers the major trends and developments in Iranian architecture during the 1960s and 70s in order to further our understanding of the underpinnings and intentions of Persian architecture during this period.

A Critical Anthology

Expertise and Architecture in the Modern Islamic World explores how architectural traditions and practices were shared and exchanged across national borders throughout the world, departing from a narrative that casts European actors as the importers and exporters of Islamic designs and skills. Looking to cases that touch on empire building, modernization, statecraft and diplomacy, this book examines how these processes have been contingent on a web of expertise informed by a rich and varied array of authors and contexts since the 1800s. The chapters in this volume, organized around the leitmotif of expertise, demonstrate the thematic importance and specific utility of in-depth and broad-ranging knowledge in shaping the understanding of architecture in the Islamic world from the nineteenth century to the present. Specific case studies include European gardeners in Ottoman courts, Polish architects in Kuwait, Israeli expertise in Iran, monument archiving in India, religious spaces in Swedish suburbs and more. This is the latest title in Critical Studies in Architecture of the Middle East, a series devoted to the most recent scholarship concerning architecture, landscape and urban design of the Middle East and of regions shaped by diasporic communities more globally.  

Spotlight Journals

The International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA) publishes peer-reviewed articles on the urban design, architecture and landscape architecture of the historic Islamic world, encompassing the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia, but also the more recent geographies of Islam in its global dimensions. The main emphasis is on the detailed analysis of the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of architecture. View the IJIA YouTube channel here. Winner of the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2019. View the free issue of IJIA (volume 7, issue 1) here. This title is indexed with Scopus and the Web of Science’s Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.

The Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of the contemporary Middle East and Arab public sphere. Publishing works in both English and Arabic, the journal engages arts and culture, politics, history and economics as they address real world problems across the modern states and mosaic of cultures connected to the Middle East region. JCI&AW works to provide a platform by conveying prominent and emergent new voices in the field as well as by highlighting the relevance of evolving topics and questions of research in the scholarship of Middle Eastern and Iraq Studies. Formerly published as International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, 2007–2018, (Print ISSN: 17512867, Online ISSN: 17512875) This title is indexed with Scopus. For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.

Performing Islam is the first peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal about Islam and performance and their related aesthetics. The journal covers dance, ritual, theatre, performing arts, visual arts and cultures, and popular entertainment in Islam-influenced societies and their diasporas. Email: This title is indexed with Scopus. For more information, to access the journal or to subscribe visit the Discover platform here.