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Michael Adérèmí Adéoyè

Michael Adérèmí Adéoyè, Ph.D., is a sculptor, painter, poet, novelist, playwright, theatre designer and scholar. He currently teaches stagecraft at the Department of Theatre and Media Arts, Federal University, Oye–Ekiti, Nigeria. His creative works reflect his research interests; the interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and semiotic intercourse of the arts; plastic, dramatic and theatrical. His recent play, Inferno and the Deity of Herbs, which, apart from being one of the four nominations, got the third place in the 2018 SONTA–Olu Obafemi Playwriting Competition, suggests how performance and visible matters capture the Nigerian political environment in which bad leaders and bad politicians engage in corrupt practices, particularly illicit financial inducement of the electoral process, to attain political offices, without respect and appreciation for the electorates who are often taken for granted, deceived and cheated, even though they truly deserve and demand equity, justice and good governance. Adéoyè’s current scholarship focuses on the visual, technical and scientific processes, in which meaning and cognition are socially engaged in the contexts of art and performance.

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