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Music, Community, and Education

Series Editor: Lee Higgins

Music, Community, and Education is a focused monograph series that provides scholars and researchers with a platform for disseminating conceptually rich and empirically distinguished work that explores questions related to the impact music-making can have on those that participate and the cultural, political, and economic context through which it happens. To be accepted for publication, manuscripts must be judged as providing significant contributions to advancing cutting-edge research, promoting a wider discourse, and promoting the application of research and scholarship to policies and practices that improve our understanding of music, community and education. Monographs are intended to address their topic without being unduly narrow. They should be comprehensible to and engaging for, a general readership whilst valuable for scholars with shared research interests. Each book is expected to be written in a single voice even when it involves a collaboration between multiple scholars. Book proposals are welcome in any of the following areas that address questions relating to music-making; inclusivity, participation, social justice, democracy, power, community and pedagogy.