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Spotlight titles



An introduction to the study and application of performance art through phenomenology for radical artists, educators and practitioner-researchers. Features exercises to activate your practice, clear introductory definitions to key phenomenological terms, and a multimodal design that lets the reader choose how to read the book. 36 illus.

Artists, Money and Entrepreneurial Action

A new collection of connected essays and case studies that delve deeply into the relationships between art, innovation, entrepreneurship and money. Arts entrepreneurship is a growing field, and this book is ideal for arts administrators and policy analysts as well as for artists who participate in professional development programmes. 5 illus.   A Conversation with Provost Linda Essig on Arts Entrepreneurship

The Early Days and Onwards

This collection brings together the most significant, influential and still current articles from Applied Theatre Researcher 2000–11, predecessor of Intellect’s Applied Theatre Research journal, with significant and substantial new material. First and foremost a critical reader for today’s applied theatre practitioners and scholars. 7 b/w illus.

By Neil T. Smith Series edited by Martin Iddon

A critical introduction to the music and thought of the German composer Mathias Spahlinger. Explored from his own perspective and discussed critically in relation to the work of French philosopher Jacques Ranciére and the continuing discourses of modernism. The first study on Spahlinger to be published in English. 36 b/w figs.

A Body-Mind Centering Approach

A reflexive study of a client case in which touch-based practices were undertaken. Considering the philosophical landscape of both touch and non-touch, it explores and reflects upon the use of touch, and considers the wider context and socially imposed perceptions that would prevent touch from taking place, including social discourses. 5 b/w illus.

Edited collection presenting an investigation of the entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit of collaboration: the pair. It focuses on a ten-year period in the work of Karen Christopher, alongside wider reflections on the duet as a concept in artistic and social life. 9 b/w illus. 19 col. illus.

This anthology explores alternative and parallel influences that shape the culture of ballet. The ‘we’ of ballet is complex, encompassing individuals and communities, often marginalized, who contribute to discourses about ballet beyond the mainstream White, patriarchal, Eurocentric, heterosexual constructs of gender, race and class. 8 b/w illus.   New Books Network (New Books in Performing Arts) interview with Adesola Akinleye

Curious Methods

This book makes a major contribution to the fields of theatre and performance studies, devised performance practice and practice-based research. The authors provide a treasure trove of performance exercises that will be invaluable to performance-makers, educators and students as they develop their creative practice. 12 colour illustrations. For more information about Curious and sample exercises, please visit this page: Curious Workshop.

These Boots Are Made for Dancing

How dance and mass movement are used as a political tool by political regimes, especially authoritarian governments, as a way of showing symbolic mass support for the regime. Such regimes require spectacle to present them as protectors of the ethnic and national identities of their subjects, represented by the costumed folk dancers. 18 b/w illus.

The Performance Work of Marilyn Arsem

An edited volume that explores the work of the innovative, experimental and internationally acclaimed performance artist Marilyn Arsem, with 200 images. She is an important contributor to the international performance community through her site-specific, one-to-one performances in alternative spaces which carry a political or feminist message.   Click here to view VestAndPage's 'HOW TO CONSIDER TIME? In conversation with Marilyn Arsem':