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Radio Cremata

Radio Cremata is an associate professor and chair of music education at Ithaca College where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. Originally from Miami, Florida where he taught in K-12 contexts for fifteen years, he cultivated an affinity for popular music education, general music, and learner-centred pedagogies. With a diverse teaching background, his experience encompasses public, private, charter, community and online settings. He has developed programmes and supported student teaching earning him recognition and honours from the Little Kids Rock, Roland Music Corporation, Berklee College of Music, PBS, Henry Ford, Univision, Grammy in the Schools Foundation and the Fender Music Foundation. His writing is found in books published through Routledge, IGI and Oxford University Press. He has articles in the Journal of Research in Music Education, the International Journal of Music Education, the Journal of Music, Technology, and Education, Action Criticism Theory and the Journal of Popular Music Education.

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