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Roger D. Sell

Roger D. Sell is H.W. Donner Research Professor of Literary Communication at Åbo Akademi University. He has published on a wide range of literary authors from different periods of English and American literature, including Chaucer, Shakespeare, Fielding, Dickens, Frost, and T.S. Eliot. During the 1990s he also developed a historical but non-determinist account of literary pragmatics. This evolved into an account of literature as one among other forms a communication, which has provided theoretical foundations for his works of mediating and communicational criticism, and for his research teams in ‘Children’s Literature, Pure and Applied’ (ChiLPA) and ‘Literary Communication’. Forthcoming work includes books on communicational criticism in practice (Benjamins) and on Shakespearian communication (Ashgate), and also an edition of the complete poems of Sir John Beaumont (OUP).

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