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Spotlight titles


Contagious Diseases in Global Cities

The recent pandemic has put into perspective the impact of epidemic illness on urban life and exposed the vulnerabilities of societies. Interdisciplinary case studies from across the globe explore what insights from the outbreak, experience and response to previous epidemics might inform our understanding of the current world. 150 b/w illus.

Change is the only constant. In recent times, the world experienced a global pandemic, social inequalities, climate change, racial injustices, riots and unrests and rapid advances of new technologies – all at once. Although many fear change, it is the job of designers to create and thrive in such times. To document our present moment, Gjoko Muratovski invited ten highly influential design figures – including iconic design leaders such as Carole Bilson, Karim Rashid, Bruce Mau, Steven Heller and Don Norman – to reflect on the current state of affairs. By looking to the past and reflecting on the present, these designers project very personal images of the future that they would like to see. Click here to view the free chapter:'How do we find comfort in unsettling times? In conversation with Mark Boudreaux'

Theories and Tactics in Architecture and Design

Original collection explores the relationship between research that shapes art, architecture and design practices, and assignments that are developed by faculty for students. Demonstrates how pedagogical inquiry can become an evolutionary agent and makes innovative ideas/exercises available for the first time outside studio courses. 66 b/w illus.

Craftsmanship, Manufacture, Technology and the Retail Environment

A fresh approach to contemporary views of luxury focusing on extensive academic research and industry insights, pushing the boundaries by using luxury as a catalyst for innovative research in a variety of domains spanning design, art, craftsmanship, technology, retail, architecture and cultural and social studies. 12 col. illus.  

Long before the Taliban, ISIS and other iconoclasts, Muslims imagined localities of antiquity as places imbued with didactic, historical and moral power. In thirteen articles by leading scholars covering the eighth century to the present, this book explores diverse ways Muslims have valued the material legacies of ancient and pre-Islamic societies. 118 b/w illus.

(Re)Defining the Field

Scholars and practitioners from the realm of 'Islamic architecture’ consider its changing nature and continued significance. Reflective essays address the meaning of ‘Islamic’ in built environments, and the geographical, chronological, disciplinary diversity of a dynamic field of study encompassing far more than mosques and tombs. 118 b/w illus.

A Non-Commercial Market

A combination of practical and theoretical writing, this book chronicles the realization of #TransActing: A Market of Values, an international non-commercial popup market held at Chelsea College of Arts, coordinated by Critical Practice Research Cluster, a London-based network of artists, designers, curators and academics. 96 col. plates.   Online Launch - March 16th, 7pm GMT. More details here   A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: Transacting as Art, Design and Architecture. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.

Architecture, Memory-Making and Film Locations

Reframing Berlin investigates the concept of urban memory through the transformation and/or consistency of the built environment. These architectural changes, defined as urban strategies, range from demolition (forgetting) to memorialisation (remembering) and are shown through case studies using film locations in Berlin. 64 b/w illus.

When Unbuilt Designs Turn to Film

Comprehensive exploration of architectural visualization through speculative design projects. Outlines how cinema and animation augment traditional design drawing practices to expand the possibilities for theoretical architectural projects. It provides a history of speculative designs and elaborates on their modes of representation. 119 b&w illus.

Imaginaries of the Smart Future
Edited by Susan Flynn Series edited by Graham Cairns

Interdisciplinary collection exploring cities and urban spaces in the context of technological and digital innovation. An approachable discussion of the issues surrounding smart digital futures and the disruptive potential of smart technologies in our cities; issues of change, design, austerity, ownership, citizenship and equality. 29col and 3b&w.A PDF version of this book is available for free in Open Access: Equality in the City. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and is part of Knowledge Unlatched.

Brings together research by Africanist anthropologists and architectural historians who share in the pursuit of an archaeology of modernist architecture in Africa. Case studies connect the colonial and postcolonial origins of modernist architecture, the historical processes, and present use and habitation. 132 b/w and 35 col. photographs.