SCMS 2021

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Intellect is looking forward to attending the Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2021 Annual Conference. 

SCMS 2021 is occurring 17-21 March 2021 and more information about the conference can be found here.

To obtain 30% off selected books, please use the code SCMS30 at the checkout when purchasing books through our website. Books will be eligible for a 30% discount between 17 March – 30 April 2021. Click here for the full list of discounted books.

Spotlight Titles


A Transdisciplinary Inquiry

Edited by Jeremy Swartz and Janet Wasko

Explores evolving definitions of media and how media technologies are transforming media theory and practice. The collection addresses the emerging role of media across a wide range of disciplines, featuring contributions from an array of internationally known scholars and practitioners.

Discounted price: £56.00 / $74.55 + £21.00 / $28.00

Paolo Sorrentino’s Cinema and Television

Annachiara Mariani

New edited collection with a transnational perspective on Paolo Sorrentino, the award-winning Italian director and screenwriter. International contributors take diverse approaches to examine the dominant themes in his work – melancholy, nostalgia and the relationship with solitude - and present original interpretations.

Discounted price: £50.40 / $67.20 + £15.75 / $21.00

The Traumatic Screen

The Films of Christopher Nolan

Stuart Joy

The Traumatic Screen is a psychoanalytic study that considers the function and presentation of trauma in Christopher Nolan’s films. Using a methodological framework with references to Freud and Lacan, the author argues that Nolan’s films highlight the ways in which the cinema can provide specific insights into the nature of human consciousness.

Discounted price: £50.40 / $67.20 + £14.00 / $18.55

Radioactive Documentary

Helen Hughes

Presents analysis of ten documentary films about nuclear issues made since the end of the Cold War. Argues that public fascination with radioactive spaces has been used reflexively to present contemporary difficult themes such as Chernobyl, Fukushima, closure of nuclear power stations, and the siting of geological waste repositories.

Discounted price: £56.00 / $74.55

American Presidents and Oliver Stone

Carl Freedman

Synthesizing detailed film criticism with thorough political and historical analysis, examines the Oliver Stone films JFK, Nixon and W. that transmute these presidencies into works of historical fiction. Wide-ranging, accessible and highly original, this book will fascinate everyone interested in the intersection of American politics and cinema.

Discounted price: £14.00 / $17.50

Radical Mainstream

Colin Perry

Radical Mainstream examines independent film and video cultures in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s in the context of capitalism, patriarchy, racism, colonialism and homophobia. It explores how radical discourse can impact on dominant cultural forms such as television, using public sphere theories to examine relations between counterpublics and social change.

Discounted price: £63.00 / $84.00

Fellini’s Films and Commercials

From Postwar to Postmodern

Frank Burke

An updated edition of renowned Fellini scholar Frank Burke’s film-by-film analysis of the famed director’s work, with a new preface and a new chapter on Fellini’s commercials. Written from a theoretical perspective, Burke explores Fellini’s movement from relatively classic filmmaking to modernist reflexivity to ‘postmodern reproduction’.

Discounted price: £50.40 / $67.20 + £14.00 /$18.55 

The Architecture of Cinematic Spaces

By Interiors

Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian

A highly visual, graphic analysis of film in terms of architecture, cinematic spaces and production design. Architectural floor plan drawings are presented alongside short, critical discussions of key twentieth and twenty-first-century films, which help the reader to evaluate architectural spaces in film and think about the stories they tell.

Discounted price: £14.00 / $18.55

The Cinematic Sublime

Negative Pleasures, Structuring Absences

Nathan Carroll

An academic reader bridging the disciplines of aesthetics and film studies by focusing on cinematic sublimity. Original essays by contemporary film scholars and philosophers with topics and case studies ranging from early cinema and classical Hollywood to avant-garde film and contemporary digital cinema.

Discounted price: £56.00 / $74.55

A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks

Middle Class Kingdoms

Sabrina Mittermeier

The first comparative historical study of the six Disneyland theme parks around the world in five distinct cultures: the USA, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Sets the parks in the historic contexts at their opening, discusses cross- and trans-cultural understandings of the parks and the part that class plays in their success or failure.

Discounted price: £50.40 / $67.20 + £16.80 / $21.00

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