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Spotlight titles


Architecture, Memory-Making and Film Locations

Reframing Berlin investigates the concept of urban memory through the transformation and/or consistency of the built environment. These architectural changes, defined as urban strategies, range from demolition (forgetting) to memorialisation (remembering) and are shown through case studies using film locations in Berlin. 64 b/w illus.

Britain’s Trade in Hardcore Pornographic 8mm Films

Tells the undocumented story of Britain’s trade in 8mm hardcore pornography, exploring how entrepreneurs circumvented obscenity laws to produce and distribute hardcore films. Draws on extensive archival research, including the use of legal records, police files, media reportage, and interviews with those who were involved in the business. 75 illus.

Popularly known as Bollywood, Bombay cinema conjures up song, dance and starry-eyed romance. Where do those conventions come from? Many derive from the historical influence of Muslim cultures interacting with other traditions in the Indian subcontinent. Contributions by major scholars of South Asian cultural history and Indian Cinema 105 b&w illus.

The first book to comprehensively engage with Disney fans and the company's relationship with them, spanning theme parks, film, television, stage productions and novels, as well as a variety of fannish interventions. It addresses timely issues such as race and queerness, the Covid- 19 pandemic and the advent of Disney+. 20 b&w illus.   New Books Network (New Books in Film) interview with Sabrina Mittermeier

New exploration of how the moving image mediates our relationship to and understanding of landscapes. The focus is on artists’ film and video and draws on work from the 1970s to the present day. An informed, personal view from a high profile author considering if appreciation of nature’s aesthetics undermines commitment to ecology. 30b/w illus.

Mediated Representations of Architecture, Urban Forms and Social Life

Considers how film and related visual media offer insights into the city, looking at the built environment as well as a lived social experience. It brings together an international group of filmmakers, architects, digital artists, designers and media journalists who critically read, reinterpret and create narratives of the city. 80 b/w illus.  

By Robert Efird Series edited by Birgit Beumers Editorial board member Richard Taylor, Julian Graffy and Denise Youngblood

Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1962 Ivan’s Childhood marked a pivotal moment for Soviet ‘poetic cinema’ and launched the career of an artist now considered a towering figure of Russian culture. A thorough analysis of this debut film through a close examination of the narrative structure, stylistic approach and philosophical underpinnings 25 b/w film stills.

An introduction to adaptations between theatre and film, considering these as distinct from literary adaptation. Places emphasis on performance and event, including the recent growth of digital theatre with phenomena such as NT Live. Case studies show how adaptations can't be divorced from the historical and cultural moment in which they are produced.

Negative Pleasures, Structuring Absences
Edited by Nathan Carroll

An academic reader bridging the disciplines of aesthetics and film studies by focusing on cinematic sublimity. Original essays by contemporary film scholars and philosophers with topics and case studies ranging from early cinema and classical Hollywood to avant-garde film and contemporary digital cinema.

Monsters in Politics

Exploration of the idea that House of Cards sets an alternate political world, where the leader is a ferocious animal, a political field overtaken by monsters who remain true to their fundamental nature or try to master their bloodthirsty instincts. But can we really think that the elected men and women are so different from their constituents?

Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities
Edited by Oliver Vodeb

Engages radical intimacies with design, media, communication, and art and implying a closeness to the world created through our relations, towards decolonization of knowledge and the public sphere. Political closeness, involving qualities that constitute and enable an alternative to extractive relationalities imposed by capitalism. 50 col. illus.   Radical Intimacies promo video