Short Film Studies 10.1 is now available
Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Short Film Studies 10.1 is now available

Intellect is thrilled to announce that Short Film Studies 10.1 is now available!


This issue features the films Remembrance (Stephanie Morgenstern, Canada, 35 mm, 2001) and Blow-Up (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 35 mm, 2000).


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Aims & Scope 


Short Film Studies is a peer-reviewed journal designed to stimulate ongoing research on individual short films as a basis for a better understanding of the art form as a whole. In each issue, two short films will be selected for comprehensive study, with articles illuminating each film from a variety of perspectives.


Issue 10.1


Editor’s introduction

Richard Raskin 



Stephanie Morgenstern, Canada, 35 mm, 2001, 19 min., colour


Data on the film and the filmmakers


An interview with Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis on Remembrance 

Richard Raskin


From Remembrance to X Company 

Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis


Remembrance: The original script 

Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern


A shot-by-shot breakdown of Remembrance 

Richard Raskin




Editing memory in Remembrance

Zach Finch


Emotional visualization in Remembrance 

Marci Mazzarotto


When the world asserts itself with all its might

Florentina C. Andreescu


Memory, emotion and espionage in Remembrance 

Marc Furstenau


The train is always arriving: Nostalgic remediation in Remembrance 

Russell J. A. Kilbourne


On memory and forgetfulness 

Ximena Triquell


Remembrance and Canadian national cinema: Incorporating classic themes 

George Melnyk


Remembrance and the fate of a commercial Canadian cinema 

Jerry White


The taste of a name

Paula Murphy


The last word: Remembering Remembrance: Between theory and practice 

Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis 



Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria, 35 mm, 2000, 1 min. 40 sec., b/w


Data on the film and the director


An interview with Siegfried Fruhauf on Blow-Up 

Cynthia Felando


A schematic breakdown of Blow-Up 

Richard Raskin 




Breathing in and out with Blow-Up 

Neepa Majumdar


Cinepulmonary resuscitation 

Jaimie Baron


Performing CPR on celluloid in Blow-Up 

Kornelia Boczkowska


Meditation on realism 

Michael Betancourt


Ballardian strategies in Blow-Up 

Simon Stevenson