The Danish Directors 2 (Book)

Dialogues on the New Danish Fiction Cinema

Over the last two decades or so, the New Danish Cinema has established itself as an important source of cinematic renewal and innovation, and as a model for how small, minor or peripheral cinemas can survive in an industry dominated by Global Hollywood. Following in the footsteps of critically-acclaimed The Danish Directors (also published by Intellect), The Danish Directors 2 provides a practitioner’s perspective on the social, cultural and economic milieus in which Danish filmmakers have been able to develop their practice, and to thrive. With insider information about the making, marketing and distribution of award-winning films, and interviews with seminal directors such as Anders Thomas Jensen, Annette K. Olesen and Lone Scherfig, The Danish Directors 2 allows readers entry into what might seem to be a forbidding body of work. The editors are knowledgeable and sensitive interrogators, and their appreciation of the specific qualities of each director’s work elicits thoughtful replies. This volume will appeal to students, scholars and cinephiles alike.

Category: Film Studies


Mette Hjort is professor of visual studies at Lingnan University in Hong Kong and affiliate professor of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Eva Jørholt is associate professor of film studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Eva Novrup Redvall is Assistant Professor in the Film and Media Studies Section of the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen.


Chapter 1: Nikolaj Arcel

Chapter 2: Christoffer Boe

Chapter 3: Pernille Fischer Christensen

Chapter 4: Per Fly

Chapter 5: Peter Schønau Fog

Chapter 6: Henrik Ruben Genz 

Chapter 7: Anders Thomas Jensen 

Chapter 8: Hella Joof 

Chapter 9: Ole Christian Madsen 

Chapter 10: Anders Morgenthaler 

Chapter 11: Annette K. Olesen 

Chapter 12: Niels Arden Oplev 

Chapter 13: Lone Scherfig 

Chapter 14: Omar Shargawi 

Chapter 15: Simon Staho 

Chapter 16: Paprika Steen 

Chapter 17: Jacob Thuesen

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