The New Politics of Visibility (Book)

Spaces, Actors, Practices and Technologies in The Visible

This volume gathers together ten original essays on the contemporary politics of visibility. Contributions are interdisciplinary and address an array of topical areas in the newly emerging modes of governance, ranging from urban public space to the media and the new media in contemporary society. 7 b&w illus.


Not only does visibility matter to politics, but it is increasingly becoming an intrinsic constituent element and a crucial asset to it.

Accordingly, the challenge to the social science becomes that of understanding how the new institutional, urban and technological settings are reshaping the organisation of visible. This book brings together a team of distinguished scholars and researchers interested in employing, exploring and critiquing the analytical category and the practical stakes of visibility.

Ranging from urban public space to the new media and social media platforms, a vast terrain of inquiry is addressed here by joining together original theoretical elaboration and careful empirical studies. The result is a thoroughly interdisciplinary endeavour, conducted with passion and insight.

The New Politics of Visibility includes nine original chapters specifically commissioned for this collection. Contributions are interdisciplinary and address an array of topical areas in the newly emerging modes of governance and the novel social formations coming into existence. The transformations of urban space and the working of the new media form a core concern recurring through many of the essays, but is by no means the sole topic, as other essays address the politics of visibility in crucial cultural spheres including gender relations and professional life.

Audience will be academics, researchers, graduate and postgraduate students

Andrea Mubi Brighenti is a social theorist based at the Department of Sociology, University of Trento, Italy. His research topics cover issues of space, power and society.

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Introduction: Issues in the Visible – Andrea Mubi Brighenti

1. The Political Geometries of Visibility: Ranks of Seeing in the Digital Age – Tali Hatuka
2. Coded Visions: Datafied Visibilities and the Production of Political Futures – Mikkel Flyverbom and Frederik Schade
3. Urban Information Environmentalism – Malcolm McCullough
4. Mediated Visibility and Recognition: A Taxonomy – João C. Magalhães and Jun Yu
5. The Democratization of Visibility Capital: Face in the Age of Its Automated Technical Reproducibility – Nathalie Heinich
6. Rewilding the City: Urban Life and Resistance across and beyond Visibility – AbdouMaliq Simone and Morten Nielsen
7. Strategies and Tactics of Visibility: The Micro-Politics of Vulnerable Migrant Groups during the Pandemic in Brussels – Mattias De Backer
8. Reframing Marginality in Trans Politics: Towards an Ethics of Differentiation – Caterina Nirta
9. Open Science as an Engine of Anxiety: How Scientists Promote and Defend the Visibility of Their Digital Selves, While Becoming Fatalistic about Academic Careers – Martin Reinhart

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