The Return of Twin Peaks (Book)

Squaring the Circle

Franck Boulègue's latest book about David Lynch and Mark Frost's famous television series focusing on the eighteen new episodes directed by Lynch for season 3, screened in 2017. It analyses the season from a variety of angles, giving special importance to readings from an intertextual, ontological and spiritual perspectives. 81 b/w illus.


A detailed analysis of Twin Peaks: The Return, focusing on the role played by spirituality and science in the cult classic TV series

In 2017, twenty-five years after its initial release, a new season of Mark Frost and David Lynch’s cultural touchstone Twin Peaks shook the world of television. In this volume, Franck Boulègue explores Twin Peaks: The Return through a philosophical, mythological, and spiritual lens. 

Divided into three sections, the book first examines the third season as expanded storytelling through the lens of Gene Youngblood's theory of synesthetic cinema, intertextuality, integrationist, and segregationist approaches in the realm of fiction, and focuses on the role of audio and visual superimpositions in The Return. It goes on to question the nature of the reality depicted in the seasons via scientific approaches, such as electromagnetism, time theory, and multiverses. The third and final section aims to transcend this vision by exploring the role of theosophy, the occult, and other spiritual sources. With a foreword by Matt Zoller Seitz, editor at large at and television critic for New York magazine, this book is essential reading for fans of the landmark show and anyone who studies it. 

Foreword, by Matt Zoller Seitz 



Chapter I - Expanded Storytelling

1. The Web of Expanded Television and Synesthetic Cinema

2. Intertextualities 

3. Integrationists and segregationists in the realm of fiction

4. Audio and visual superimpositions 


Chapter II - What is Reality?

1. Atomic blasts, electromagnetism, and sounds

2. Time and time again

3. Parallel dimensions, multiverse theories, outer space and the Hollow Earth


Chapter III - Transcending The Return

1. Numerology, Tarot, Alchemy, Palmistry, ESP, and Astrology

2. Thought-Forms and Theosophy

3. The Book of Revelation, Vedic and Mesopotamian cosmologies 



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