Intellect is committed to ensuring our work is accessible to as many people as possible. To this end, Intellect follows the accessibility guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium with the long-term aim of full compliance to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Intellect is proud to be an ASPIREverified publisher. Our website has been trialled and tested to ensure accessibility and we welcome any feedback on user experiences. Please contact Mareike at with any suggestions.  

Our website

Font size

Most modern web browsers offer the ability to customize settings such as font size. To find out more about your browser’s accessibility options, select it from the list below:

Internet Explorer 

Alternative text

We provide text-alternative descriptions for many images used on our website.


Our website is built with a responsive design so that it will adapt and reflow according to the device and browser size that you are using.

Our products

Our products are created with accessibility in mind. We have these measures currently in place:


Print, ePDF and ePUB files are available for all our books. Books published from January 2018 onwards are available in ePUB 3 format; books published prior to this will be available in ePUB 2. 

All Intellect ebooks are structured and tagged to ensure easy navigation and compatibility with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Users can:

  • change the font and increase/decrease font size
  • reflow the text to fit any screen size
  • adjust colour and contrast to suit their preference
  • enable text-to-speech functionality
  • hyperlink within text

Our eBooks adhere to EPUB Accessibility 1.0 and are validated by Ace and DAISY to ensure accuracy of metadata and alternative text. All Intellect production editors have undertaken image description training from textBOX services.

Our ebooks are available on a variety of platforms, such as EBSCO, ProQuest, Bibliotech and VitalSource. EPUB Test  is a great resource for accessibility information about your chosen platform and/or reading system.

Our ebooks are available on request from RNIB (UK) and Bookshare (US) via an automated ONIX feed. All request will be answered within 1-5 working days. 

Digital rights management (DRM) restrictions, copy limits, privacy and licence terms (T&Cs) are applied by the platforms that provide access to our ebooks. There are no additional licence terms on use once a file has been approved by RNIB (UK) or Bookshare (US). Copying and printing restrictions are dependent on the platform – the limits are usually 10 per cent of the book or one chapter (whichever is greater).

We recommend using Adobe Digital Editions for reading ePUB and ePDF files. This it can be used on many different devices, and has good access support, including support for high contrast, screen readers, and keyboard shortcuts. Read Adobe Digital Editions’ accessibility statement.


Print and ePDF files are available for all our journal articles. From Summer 2020, all new journal content will be available in HTML format directly online through Intellect Discover, Intellect's content platform. See Intellect Discover's accessibility page for more details.

Action Plan

We have an action plan to improve the accessibility of our products. Our focus team are working towards:

For books:

  • Alternative text for images in all frontlist titles
  • Full accessibility metadata

For journals:

  • Alternative text for images in journal articles

Our production

If you are working with Intellect and require a document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please let your production editor know and we will do all we can to ensure your requirements are met.


If you require further support please feel free to contact the accessibility team via Mareike (    

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This accessibility information was last updated on 17 February 2022.