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Trade orders

Intellect's books are distributed worldwide by the following organisations. Please contact your nearest distributor.

UK, Europe, Middle East, India, Pakistan and Africa

The University of Chicago Press
The University of Chicago Pressc/o John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
European Distribution Centre
New Era Estate
Oldlands Way
Bognor Regis,
West Sussex
P022 9NQ, UK

E-mail: cs-books@wiley.co.uk
Web: www.press.uchicago.edu

Tel: 01243 779777
Fax: 01243 820250

North America and Rest of World

The University of Chicago Press
The University of Chicago Press
11030 S. Langley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628, USA

E-mail: custserv@press.uchicago.edu
Web: www.press.uchicago.edu

Tel: 1-800-621-2736; (773) 702-7000
Fax: 1-800-621-8476; (773) 702-7212

Australia and New Zealand

To contact us within Australia:

Phone: 1300 260 090
Fax: 02 9997 3185
To contact us from outside of Australia:
Phone: +61 2 9997 3973
Fax: +61 2 9997 3185

Postal address:
Footprint Books Pty Ltd,

1/6a Prosperity Parade,

Warriewood,NSW 2102,


Google Book Search and Search Inside users are able to view a percentage of our books for free via the Google Book Search and Search Inside programmes.Google Book Search: http://books.google.com/Search Inside: http://www.amazon.co.uk/

Personal orders

Intellect offers a secure online ordering system. As you browse, add a book or journal to your shopping cart. When you are ready to pay, click on Proceed to checkout. Either log in (the website will load your delivery and billing information) or fill out your details. You can either pay by Pay Pal or credit card – either method is secure and fast! You will be able to view, amend, or delete items up until the point at which you pay. 

Shipping costs vary depending on which region you are in. Please see below for further information on this. 

Our book distributor is University of Chicago Press, please visit their website and order online by typing the ISBN/title into the search box and adding to shopping cart.

For orders from the UK, Europe, Middle East, India, Pakistan and Africa:

Please contact:

University of Chicago Press: www.press.uchicago.edu

The University of Chicago Press c/o John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
European Distribution Centre
New Era Estate
Oldlands Way
Bognor Regis,
West Sussex
P022 9NQ, UK 
Tel: 01243 779777
Fax: 01234 820250
E-mail: cs-books@wiley.co.uk 

For orders from North America and Rest of World

Please contact details www.press.uchicago.edu
The University of Chicago Press
11030 S. Langley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628, USA
Tel: 1-800-621-2736; (773) 702-7000
Fax: 1-800-621-8476; (773) 702-7212
E-mail: custserv@press.uchicago.edu 

Intellect books can be ordered from Amazon, Blackwell, Borders, Waterstones and a host of other sellers. It is easiest to directly order titles by visiting Google Book Search, typing in the ISBN/title of the book you would like to order, then clicking on one of the links underneath ‘order from a bookstore’ in the right hand column. 

By post/cheque

If you do not want to take advantage of our online order system, please enclose details of the book you want to order, a cheque (make sure you include the relevant shipping cost for your area) and return by post to: Intellect, The Mill, Parnall Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3JG, UK 

Buy from an Intellect stockholder

Intellect participates with a number of independent bookshops across the UK, who regularly stock our titles. Any of our books can be ordered through the following shops. 

Intellect e-books

Intellect published its first e-books in 1999 using the Adobe PDF format. In 2011 we started publishing our books for various e-readers in the dynamic EPUB format available for the Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play and Apple iBooks.Individuals Individuals can purchase Intellect e-books through the following providers, just search for a particular Intellect e-book by title, ISBN or author.


Ebooks.com -www.ebookservices.com
IPR - www.iprlicense.com
24 Symbols - www.24symbols.com
Amazon Kindle - www.amazon.co.uk/Kindle-eBooks
Apple - www.apple.com/uk/ibooks
Barnes & Noble - www.nook.com/gb
Blinkbox - www.blinkboxbooks.com
Entitle - www.entitlebooks.com/
FlipKart - www.flipkart.com/books
Google Play - www.play.google.com
Kobo -  www.store.kobobooks.com/en-gb
Oysterhttps - www.oysterbooks.com
Page Foundry - www.pagefoundry.com/
PaperC - www.paperc.com/en/
RedShelfhttp - www.redshelf.com/Rethink Bookshttp://bookshout.com
Rockstand - www.rockstand.in
Sainsbury's - www.sainsburysebooks.co.uk
Scribd - www.scribd.com
Academic - www.zolabooks.com


Blackwell Learing - www.bookshop.blackwell.co.uk
Chegghttps - www.chegg.com
Folletthttp - www.fheg.follett.com/online/efollett.cfm
Kortexthttp- www.kortext.com
VitalSourcehttp- www.vitalsource.com/
Biblotech - https://bibliotech.education

For libraries

EBL - www.eblib.com
Ebrary - www.ebrary.com
MyiLibrary - www.myilibrary.com
Amigos - www.amigos.org/eshelf
Dawson - www.dawsonbooks.co.uk
EBSCO - www.ebscohost.com
Odilo - www.odilo.es/en
OverDrive - www.overdrive.com
Wheelers - www.wheelersbooks.com.au
iGroup - www.igroupnet.com


CoreSource Fulfillmen - www.ingramcontent.com/pages/digital-asset-management-distribution.aspx
Gardnershttp - www.gardners.com/

Instructors looking for course books

Exam copies

The University of Chicago Press will send you an examination copy of the book you wish to consider for course use. If our online form is not available for the book you want, mail or fax your request on your department letterhead specifying the title of the course, your expected enrollment, the semester or quarter in which the course will be offered, the course level (undergraduate or graduate), and any textbooks now currently being used for this course. According to our 90-day policy, we will also send you an invoice at a 20% academic discount, plus shipping charges, payable in 90 days. Should you adopt the book, return the invoice with proof of adoption, and the invoice will be cancelled. If you do not adopt the book, you may return it and have the invoice cancelled or purchase it at the 20% discount price.

Desk copies

If you have adopted a University of Chicago Press book for course use, and your textbook store has ordered at least ten copies of the book, you are entitled to one free copy of the book for your own use. Desk copy requests must be on departmental letterhead or utilize one of the standard AAP, NACS, or other forms. Please include the name and enrollment of the relevant course, as well as the name of the bookstore who handles your textbook requirements.

Where to send your request

USA and Rest of World EXCEPT the UK and Europe 

Send examination copy and desk copy requests to:

The University of Chicago Press
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628 USA
Fax: (800) 621-8476 or (773) 702-7212
No e-mail requests, please.

In the UK and Europe ONLY

Our policy is to supply the e-book, when available, for course adoption examination requests. Should you choose to adopt the book for your course, you will have the option of obtaining a physical desk copy or an e-book, in accordance with our desk copy policy. Academics in UK & Europe please send examination copy and desk copy requests to:

UK/EU Exam Copies
The University of Chicago Press
1 Lomond Drive
[UK and Europe e-mail only]

Hours: Chicago is in the Central Time Zone (GMT minus 6); office hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (0730-1630), Monday through Friday.

Please use the numbers above only for queries about the publications of the University of Chicago Press and other publishers represented in the University of Chicago Press catalogs. Please note that the Chicago Distribution Center also provides distribution for other academic publishers. Marketing or editorial queries for those publishers must be directed to them, not to the numbers above. Please see the CDC client list for links to those publishers.

Press and review copies

Intellect welcome requests from potential reviewers. To request a review copy from Intellect please email Katy Dalli, katy@intellectbooks.com and state which book you would like to review, and which publication you intend to review it for.